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Harold Hamm Diabetes Center
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Shannon Maier, PhD
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Mailing Address:
825 NE 13th Street, MS 24
Oklahoma City, OK 73104-5073

(405) 271-7786
(405) 271-7063


Research Interests

  1. Mechanisms driving neogenesis of ectopic GC-like areas in chronically inflamed tissues are unclear. My interests involve the study of chemokines and other TNF family members that induce formation of secondary lymphoid organs during normal development and the role that they play during the inflammatory response.



2006 PhD - Experimental Pathology, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK
2002-present Certified Histocompatibility Techologist - American Board of Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics
2001-present Certified Medical Technologist - American Society for Clinical Pathology
2001 BS - Medical Technology, University of Nebraska Medical Center, NE
1996 MA - Biology, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE
1992 BS - Biology, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE


Recent Publications

Nadine L. Dudek*, Shannon Maier* (*Co-first author), Zhen-Jun Chen, Philip A. Mudd, Stuart I. Mannering, David C. Jackson, Weiguang Zeng, Catherine L. Keech, Kassie Hamlin, Zi-jian Pan, Karen Davis-Schwarz, Jennifer Workman-Azbill, Michael Bachmann, James McCluskey and A. Darise Farris. "T Cell Epitopes of the La/SS-B Autoantigen in Humanized Transgenic Mice Expressing the HLA Class II Haplotype DRB1*0301/DQB1*0201" Arthritis and Rheumatism, 56(10), October, 2007, 3387-3398.

Imre Semsei, Shannon Maier, Jennifer Workman-Azbill, László Urbán, Kathy Moser, Margit Zeher, Michael Bachmann, A. Darise Farris. " Detection of a rare oligo(A) repeat tract mutation (8As-7As) in the sequence encoding the La/SS-B autoantigen". Analytical Biochemistry, 370, 2007, 47-53.

Shannon Maier, Joanne Gross, Kassie Hamlin, Julie Maier, Jennifer Workman, Xana Kim-Howard, Trenton Schoeb, Zoltan Laszik, Darise Farris; Proteinuria of Non-autoimmune Origin in Wild-type FVB/NJ mice, Comparative Medicine, 57(3), 2007.

Malani Shankar, Jamee Nixon, Shannon Maier, Jennifer Workman, A. Darise Farris, Carol Webb, Anti-nuclear antibody production and autoimmunity in transgenic mice that over-express the transcription factor Bright, Journal of Immunology. 178(5):2996-3006, 2007.

Zi-jian Pan, Karen Davis, Shannon Maier, Michael Bachmann, Xana Kim-Howard, Catherine Keech, Tom Gordon, James McCluskey, A. Darise Farris, Neo-epitopes are required for immunogenicity of the La/SS-B nuclear antigen in the context of late apoptotic cells, Clinical and  Experimental Immunology. 143(2):237-48, 2006.

Michael P. Bachmann, Joanne K. Gross, Shannon M. Maier, Timothy F. Gross, Jennifer L. Workman, Judith A. James, A. Darise Farris, Bettina Jung, Claudia Franke, Karsten Conrad, Marc Schmitz, Cordula Büttner, Holger Bartsch, Jill P. Buyon, Imre Semsei, John B. Harley and E. Peter Rieber, Autoimmunity as a Result of Escape from RNA Surveillance, Journal of Immunology. 177(3):1698-707, 2006.

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