Full-Time Student Status

Be a full-time student each Fall and Spring semester. You must complete (not just register) for a full course load each semester. To maintain your status, undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students must complete 12 hours and graduate students 9 hours each spring and fall semester. (The university considers Graduate Assistants full-time with 6 hours enrollment in each Fall and Spring semesters.) Summer is your vacation term.

Note: Some degree programs may require more hours for academic reasons. Check with your department. You are not required by INS to enroll in classes during the summer session, unless summer is your first semester in the U.S in which case graduate students minimum is 4 hrs; graduate assistants with.50 FTE 3 hrs; undergraduate 6 hrs. If you need to drop below full-time enrollment in your final semester only, it must be approved International Student Advisors at (405) 271-2359 BEFORE dropping below full-time or withdrawing from classes.

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