Immigration Regulations Update – January 5, 2004

Please make sure that you always give your current local address and correct email to the Office of Admissions and Records. INS and OUHSC require your correct local address in order to inform you about changes in laws, events, etc.

Student/Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)

SEVIS is a new national database that all schools must begin to use no later than January 30, 2003. Schools were able to enroll on a voluntary basis beginning July 2002. OUHSC was approved to use the SEVIS database in October 2002. This system is used to issue I-20s and report information to INS on all students and their dependents in F, J, or M status. We are currently issuing all I-20s on SEVIS. All international students must be entered into the SEVIS database by August 1,2003.

On the SEVIS System, the following information will be reported to INS:

It is extremely important that you stay enrolled full-time and keep your address updated at all times. If there are any changes or additions to this information, we will notify you. If you have any questions about immigration regulations, please come to the Regulatory Office (BSEB, Room 200C or call 271-2655 or email

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