Immigration Regulations Update – January 5, 2004

Please make sure that you always give your current local address and correct email to the Office of Admissions and Records. INS and OUHSC require your correct local address in order to inform you about changes in laws, events, etc.

F-2 Status
Those in F-2 status may no longer pursue a degree nor children in F-2 status may study in elementary or secondary schools. Spouses may take a class that is for fun, such as one art class, but can no longer student an academic program. Any study must be an “a vocational or recreational nature”. This would be a course taken to pursue a hobby or something that is occasional or recreational.

A spouse on an F-2 visa who applies and is admitted to a program, must submit an Application for Change of Status (from F-2 to F-1) through the International Advisor. Note: the F-2 can only be enrolled part-time before the application is submitted, but once submitted can be full-time.

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