Student Health Plan

Since Fall 2001, all OUHSC students are required to have health insurance while attending the OUHSC Campus.  You may either participate in the student sponsored health insurance policy, Macori or show proof of acceptable insurance coverage by a recognized health insurance provider to your college Student Service Office.  A student who is found to be uninsured will receive notification from OUHSC Student Affairs and their academic dean’s office. 

Enrollment forms and the Summary of Benefits for the Macori Student Health Insurance Policy are linked below for your use.  You may obtain a hard copy of the complete information packet from the Student Services Office in your College, OUHSC Student Affairs in the David L. Boren Student Union, Suite 300, or from the Office of Admission and Records, Basic Sciences Educational Building, Suite 200.  Questions regarding specific coverage or conditions should be directed to Macori at 1-800-285-8133. 

Additional information on services provided by OUHSC Student Health Services located at


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