Official TOEFL Score (English Proficiency)

All applicants from countries where English is the second language must take the TOEFL examination.

This requirement includes all persons of International status, Permanent Residents of the U.S. (green card holders), and U.S. Naturalized citizens.

If the examination has been taken within the last two years, an official report should be sent to the Office of Admissions and Records. TOEFL scores that are older than two years cannot be verified and are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

For information on the examination, please contact:

ETS Corporate Headquarters
Rosedale Road Princeton, NJ 08541

Phone: 1-609-921-9000

To receive information on taking the OU Institutional TOEFL exam, contact the University of Oklahoma, Center for Independent Learning, Cross Main Building, 1600 South Jenkins, Room 101, Norman, Oklahoma 73019, telephone 405-325-1921. All other institutional TOEFL scores are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

See the TOEFL Waiver Chart (PDF) for the minimum acceptable scores and any departmental exceptions or waivers.

International students from other institutions in the United States can no longer have their TOEFL Requirements waived based on 24 semester hours of United States coursework. Although the State Regents allow a minimum of 24 semester hours to transfer, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center undergraduate departments have set higher standards and do not allow for a transfer without a TOEFL.

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