Application FAQ's

Do I need to submit an official transcript for past coursework  if I am currently enrolled or project enrollment for future terms at the same institution?  Yes.  If you are currently enrolled and have completed any prior coursework at that institution, it is necessary and important to submit an official transcript in its original sealed envelope by the set deadline.

Do I need to submit an official transcript if this is my first term of enrollment at my school? A transcript is not required until you have completed at least one term of enrollment.  A copy of your current class schedule is sufficient documentation of enrollment verification for first terms.  We will however require an official transcript upon completion of final grades.

I have mailed official transcript(s) for coursework completed to date. Why does the checklist reflect that a final transcript is needed?
If you are enrolled for the current term or project enrollment for future terms the checklist item will remain red.  This will not negatively impact your application, but serves as a reminder to submit an updated official transcript at the end of the term.

Why is my transcript posted as completed or received, but the Transcripts tab does not list the coursework? 
This means your transcript has been received by the Office of Admissions & Records and is in line to be processed.  All transcripts are entered in the order received and are prioritized by college and program deadlines.

I submitted my application by the deadline, so why does the checklist reflect that it was received at a later date?
Checklists are created one to two business days following the receipt and download of applications into the A&R system; therefore the date can vary.  If the term appliedâ located on the Home tab is correct then you successfully met the application deadline.

I paid the application fees online, so why does the checklist reflect they are needed?
The application fees are posted through a nightly automation process.  If fees are not accurately posted within 3-4 days from the date of submission contact the application advisor to discuss in detail.

Will the Application Status View website reflect the status of my application (i.e. admitted, denied, or waitlisted)?
No.  The website will provide the progress of your application materials and residency status, but not a decision by the Admissions Committee.

What is a Service Indicator?
This refers to enrollment holds placed on a student's record following the admission and matriculation process.  Under normal circumstances, as an applicant, the Service Indicator will not apply to your record. A few examples of a service indicator include missing application fee, citizenship documentation, and updated official transcripts with final grades posted.

What is an Empl ID?
This is your OUHSC ID number. If admitted and matriculated this number will remain as your student ID number.

Why does my residency status reflect that I am an International student when I am not?
If you are a US Naturalized Citizen, Permanent Resident, or US Citizen born abroad documentation may be required.  Please contact Ms. Elsa Higuchi by phone or email at (405)271-2347 ext. 48906, for further instructions.

Am I expected to submit immunization and/or health information prior to acceptance into the program?
No. Not all programs require this information.  If you are admitted and if these items are required by your degree program you will be notified by the college or it will be discussed at orientation.

I have mailed my letters of recommendation but not all letters are showing received on the checklist.  Who should I call?
This is an item collected and posted to the checklist by the college and department and may require additional time. If it is not posted in a timely manner or by the application deadline please contact the specific department in which you have applied.

I applied to OUHSC last year, but am unable to update my online application.  Do I need to complete a new application?
As a re-applicant it will be necessary for you to create a new account and be assigned a new PIN number altogether.  You will not login using your former PIN and password.  Keep in mind that the system may recognize you and warn that it could create a duplication, but do not let this stop you.  If you will continue the system will allow you to advance.  The “create account” button is located just below the user login area.

I have paid my application fee on my online application, but I am receiving emails that I did not submit my application.  What should I do?
Please access your application again and click on the Submit button one final time to actually submit your application.  You should receive a message Application Submitted Successfully.


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