International Student Responsibilities

You must attend the school indicated on the I-20AB while in the United States

While attending school, you must complete 12 hours a semester if you are an undergraduate student. You must complete 9 hours as a graduate student. If you plan to enroll in less than the required hours, you must have approval from the International Student Advisor. There are serious ramifications for falling below these minimums without authorization.

You must be financially able to support yourself for the entire period of your stay in the United States while you are a student. There are few options for alternative financial aid after coming to the U.S. Failure to pay tuition and fees after the completion of the term will prevent you from being able to enroll for the next semester.

You may not work off campus without prior immigration approval. Off-campus employment must be approved by immigration by application handled by the International Student Advisor.

On-campus work must be authorized by the International Student Office. This work is limited to 20 hrs per week during the semester. Full-time on-campus employment is allowed only during the summer vacation term when the student is not enrolled. You may also work during holiday breaks and spring break periods. If this is the 1st school attended in the US, it is preferred that the student wait one semester before looking for on-campus employment. Graduate Research Assistantships count as on-campus employment and are also limited to 20 hrs per week.

There are new procedures for transferring from one school to another. Please contact the International Student Advisor (405) 271-2359 for the current procedures. All students are required to obey the laws of the United States and the State of Oklahoma.

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