Capture your lecture.

AMDS provides presentation recording and lecture capture services using Mediasite technology from Sonic Foundry. Mediasite completely automates the recording, distribution, management and analytics of high-quality video and multimedia presentations.These recordings are available both live and on-demand, viewable from any desktop and most mobile devices. Links to captured content can be placed within D2L by your organizations Instructional Design resource.



What is Mediasite?

Mediasite captures video of the presenter and images from a computer (PowerPoint slides, web browser, application, etc.) and synchronizes the presentation of both media elements in a single web browser. Advanced functions allow you to attach documents to your final recording, perform system-wide searches of video, metadata and indexed slides, and conduct interactive polling and Q&A for live webcasts.

Where can I get it?

Mediasite recorders are available in select venues throughout the OUHSC campus. College of Nursing, College of Medicine, the Robert M. Bird Library or the Samis Education Center in OU Childrens Physicians. We can also bring a portable camera and recorder to any venue (on-campus or off) and capture your presentation. Call us for current rates.



How can AMDS help me?

AMDS offers comprehensive Mediasite support, Whether it's recording your classroom lectures or grand rounds presentations; or helping you integrate Mediasite technology into your classrooms and facilities. We can also help with training your staff to be Mediasite administrators, managing the captures, content and delivery from your end. Contact us today!

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