Professional Video Recording.

Concentrate on your presentation and let the experts at AMDS focus on your video. AMDS offers video recording for classes, lectures, surgical procedures or educational videos on the OUHSC campus. We can also provide these services to any state agency. Professional sound, lighting, camerawork and post-production make all the difference in producing a quality video. Call the AMDS team and let us help bring your ideas to life!



Our studio.

When you really want to impress, come to AMDS and produce your video on our 2,000 square foot studio soundstage. We have a professional lighting grid, green-screen wall, and teleprompter to assist you in making your ideal video. Whether you need a single-camera or multi-camera production, AMDS can help you produce a quality video that you'll be proud to show off.


Recording is just the first part of making a video. Where your vision really starts to take shape is in post-production. AMDS offers professional post-production facilities featuring Adobe Premiere CC, and Apple Final Cut Pro X editing suites. AMDS takes your original footage and adds digital video effects, audio mixing, and other graphical effects to give your video that final polished touch.

AMDS also carries Omnimusic, one of the largest Production Music Libraries for film, television and multimedia content. An enormous library available for an accessible license cost.

And Accessibility is important. AMDS uses Docsoft AV appliances to create closed captions in any format. (Subrip, WebVTT, SAMI, Scenarist, etc) We ensure that the video you create with us is viewable to all audiences. 



Where can I get it?

Anywhere, really. The AMDS studio is located in the Robert M. Bird Library, 1105 N. Stonewall Ave. in Oklahoma City, but don't let that be a limitation. We can travel to any location to fulfill your video needs.


Academic Media & Digital Services • 1105 N. Stonewall Ave. • Room 251 • Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1221 • (405) 271-2318 •