Desire2Learn (D2L) - Training Offerings

General Information:

D2L is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides online access to course related academic materials and organization sites. Faculty, staff, and student leaders can post Office documents, PDF files, and pictures. Additional academic tools are also available such as Dropbox for assignment files, Grades posted online, online tests/ surveys/ self-assessments. The use of a D2L site is optional for all courses so students should check with the course faculty or student organization leaders for more information on available D2L sites during each semester.

OUHSC D2L Login Website:

Online Tutorials:

Instructor D2L Training Site is available to you after logging into D2L. Look for the My Courses widget box in the center of the screen and click on the Student tab. Click on the course site name to enter and click on Content in the gray top bar to review the training resource materials.

Live Training Sessions:

Training is available on an individual or group basis at the OUHSC and the Tulsa Campus. Listed below are a list of possible training sessions. To schedule training contact Kristy Burrough at

1. Basic D2L Training & TurnItIn (Required for access to D2L system-some colleges may offer new faculty training sessions as an alternative option)

  • Information Provided: Learn to add News (announcements), Content (document files), set-up Grades, set-up and manage the Dropbox (assignment submission), Discussion (online asynchronous group conversations) tools, and general D2L site management.
  • Dates/Times: 2 hours training session

2. Grades Set-up

  • Information Provided: Learn more detailed information on the grades set-up options (numeric, weighted, extra credit, and custom column items) and how to manage them.
  • Dates/Times: 1 hour training session

3. Testing & Respondus

  • Information Provided: Learn to create and manage online tests and general use/purposes for Respondus software (both faculty and student options).
  • Dates/Times: 1 hour training session

4. Advanced D2L Training

  • Information Provided: Learn more advanced information on content, grades, testing, and analytics
  • Dates/Times: 1-1/2 hour training session

5. Binder and Assignment Grader Apps

  • Information Provided: Learn to use the Binder and Assignment Grader apps.
  • Dates/Times: 1 hour training session

6 .Online Content Best Practices

  • Information Provided: Learn more about the theories and best practices of building learning materials and activities into the online environment.
  • Follow-up Option: Use the information learned in all the D2L trainings to design an online learning module. It will be evaluated by D2L tech support staff and feedback on the design will be provided. A certificate of D2L training completion will be provided upon successful completion of the review.
  • Dates/Times: 2 hour training session

7. D2L Version 10 Overview: New look and features/tools for Summer semester 2013!

  • Scheduled for colleges/dept upon request
  • Handout and video links are posted in News items when you login to D2L My Home page