D2L - External Users

General Information:

OUHSC provides the option to add external users (outside of our faculty, staff, and current students) to the OUHSC Desire2Learn (D2L) learning management system in order to support our medical education outreach programs and Continuing Education courses. Below you can find more information regarding the options and requirements for use.The Desire2Learn Learning Environment provides secure web-based sites for posting course/training materials and conducting classes/training on the Internet. Users must login with their individual username and password to access the site materials. The main tools and features provided in each site shell are:

  • News: post announcements to site users
  • Content: post electronic files for review by users which generally includes: MS Office files, PDF files, image files, links to websites and videos
  • Dropbox: enrolled users can submit electronic files for grading or information collection
  • Discussions: tracked online conversation between enrolled users which can be graded if desired
  • Quizzes and Surveys: enrolled users can take tests or surveys online
  • Grades: Customer site leaders can post individual grades and comments for enrolled users to review online
  • Classlist: roster of enrolled users with email communication capabilities
  • Basic User Stats: tracks site usage and various accessed tools/features by enrolled users

This is a pay for use service. The average cost is $30 per user for one year of OUHSC D2L access (unlimited site enrollment) to cover the D2L license fee, tech support, and administrative costs.

Terms of Use Policy-PDF File: AT LMS Terms of Use Policy

This document provides information on the D2L policies, procedures, and responsibilities for use.

AT Services MOA: External Groups and Outreach Projects

This is the annual agreement to support external groups/users and state agency medical training.

Please, note that information must be added to pages 2, 7 and 8!
PDF File: AT Services MOA

AT Services MOU:External Education Groups and CE Students (courses offered by OUHSC faculty and staff)

This is an annual agreement to support external education groups, projects, and CE courses offered by OUHSC faculty and staff.

Please, note that information must be added to pages 2, 7 and 8!
External or CE Groups File-PDF File: AT Services MOU
Allied Health or Nursing CE Courses-please contact: web-courses@ouhsc.edu

Getting Started: Request a D2L Community Site

If you are planning to utilize either the MOA or MOU document, please request a Community Site so the tech staff may begin working with you to establish your group site.
Request a Community Site Link

More Information and Questions Contact:

Please, email web-courses@ouhsc.edu if you need additional information or have any questions.

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