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Summer Q&A Sessions

Our apologies, but local training is currently unavailable for both campuses.  Please check back later.  

Listed below are a list of possible training sessions. All training can be customized to your needs.

  • D2L Basic Training (Beginner) - Information Provided: Learn to add News (announcements), Content (document files), set-up Grades, set-up and manage the Dropbox (assignment submission), Discussion (online asynchronous group conversations) tools, and general D2L site management.  
  • D2L Grades Training (Intermediate) - Information Provided: Learn more detailed information on the grades set-up options (numeric, weighted, extra credit, and custom column items)and how to manage them.  
  •  D2L Quiz Training (Intermediate) – Information Provided: Learn to create and manage online tests and general use/purposes for Respondus software (both faculty and student options)D2L Intelligent Agents Training (Advanced)
  •  D2L Binder and Assignment Grader Training (All Levels) - Information Provided: Learn to use the Binder and Assignment Grader apps.
  •  D2L Insights Training (Intermediate and Advanced) – Information Provided:  Learn how to use the Insights system to gather data for your courses.

Upcoming Programs

Check back later for new upcoming D2L training programs
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