Turnpike Team History

The “Turnpike Team” was initially created in 2002 under the leadership of Dr. Kari Boyce as a working committee to determine and set the new standards going forward in relation to distance education delivery between the three campuses. At the time the two HSC campuses were transitioning from unreliable OneNet Grassvalley systems to pure IP-based H.323 systems for videoconferencing.

Since then the Team has been a governing influence binding the colleges to the AT video standards adopted between the HSC campuses. The Team’s focus and breadth has expanded over the years to encompass areas of standardization in regards to all classroom technology, room control automation systems, room design and installation, video infrastructure and unified communications technologies. Team membership has reached into the non-academia related departments as videoconferencing technologies and service offerings have expanded.

The Turnpike Team is chaired by OUHSC Academic Technology staff. The Team hosts bi-monthly meetings and invites representatives from the colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health, Public Health, Dentistry, and Pharmacy as well as OU Physicians-IT, Peds-IS, HSC-IT and UHAT. Representatives are typically supporting Tier 1’s, but also include some administrative staff and faculty members. Membership is voluntary.

Team members are typically decision makers responsible for all learning and collaboration spaces and the technology housed within. Standing agenda items include but are not limited to video infrastructure updates, new products or features discussion (with or without vendor representation), AT standards review, and a round-table discussion.

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