Videoconference Bridging Services @ OUHSC

Academic Technology proudly hosts a Polycom® RMX 2000 video bridge to accomodate your videoconferencing needs. Bridging services are managed by Academic Media & Digital Services, a division of Academic Technology.

Visit Academic Media & Digital Services website for more information on Videoconference Setup and Support options currently being offered.

Best Practices for Video Conferencing

  • Always schedule a practice session prior to the actual conference to test endpoint connectivity, sound quality, and content sharing abilities.
  • Pay attention to lighting, background noises, and backdrop to ensure the best quality audio-video experience.
  • If the endpoint is running on a desktop system, shut down all other applications prior to initiating the conference.


  • H.323 -- an international standard protocol for video conferencing that uses the Internet for connectivity.
  • H.323 Alias -- a logical name for a video conferencing endpoint. It usually contains alphnumeric characters.
  • H.323 Extension -- the video telephone number of the client. It should conform to North American dialing conventions.
  • ISDN -- a telephone network system that allows for digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary phone lines.
  • MCU -- Multipoint Control Unit, also referred to as a Video Bridge. The MCU connects to the Internet and can handle simultaneous videoconferences, each having multiple participants
  • Point-to-Point (P2P) VideoConferencing -- Two endpoints video conferencing directly with each other without using any bridging services.
  • Video Bridge -- also referred to as an MCU (see above).