Qualtrics Information & Support

Qualtrics is the industry-leading provider of Online Survey Software available for all OUHSC-OKC Faculty, Staff & Students, (HSC-Tulsa has their own instance of Qualtrics).  Faculty may also wish to use this tool to administer practice quizzes and exams.  

Academic Technology provides support and training for this resource.  To request a Qualtrics account, please visit the link to the right.

***PLEASE NOTE**** Qualtrics is not HIPAA or FERPA compliant. Please do not submit any PHI or FERPA related information into any Qualtrics online survey or quiz. Please do not request survey or quiz participants place any PHI or FERPA related information into a Qualtrics survey or quiz.

HSC Campus Loginhttps://ouhsc.qualtrics.com
  • Username/Password: use your HSC email login information
Online Tutorial Information: http://www.qualtrics.com/university/researchsuite/
Live Campus Training:  TBA. Contact AT for one-on-one session, see below.
HSC-OKC Campus Qualtrics Help: 
  • Albani Milton-Smith (albani-miltonsmith@ouhsc.edu, Ext. 46393) or
  • Trevor Utley (trevor-utley@ouhsc.edu, Ext. 46798)
  • For all PHI Compliance Issues, please contact HSC-IT Security here.

HSC-Tulsa Campus Qualtrics Help:


Qualtrics Account Request