Group Collaboration & Videoconferencing Services Overview

Group collaboration tools such as videoconferencing and voice conferencing services are available to all OUHSC users. From the CEO to the intern, people are using video collaboration to share the next great idea face-to-face, from anywhere, anytime. HSC's robust video infrastructure is a cost effective way to collaborate face-to-face with colleagues. Services include providing multipoint videoconferencing & bridging capabilities as well as providing virtual videoconference meeting rooms or VVMR. Group meetings, seminars, training and education can all be effectively supported through the variety of group collaboration & videoconferencing services listed below.  To view a more detailed description of the services offered, select from the list below.

Common Applications

•Virtual meetings
•Teleworking / Telecommuting
•Enterprise Communications
•Company announcements and "town hall" meetings
•Distance Education
•Continuing Education

Videoconferencing Bridging Services

Virtual Videoconferencing Meeting Rooms (VVMR)

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OUHSC IT Cisco MeetingPlace is a technology-based meeting service that combines audio conferencing and web conferencing tools to provide customers within the Oklahoma Health Center the ability to schedule, conduct and participate in online, collaborative meetings without leaving the office or from remote locations.

Audio conferencing is a voice-only telephone conference call between individuals or groups at three (3) or more locations. All participants in an audio conference can hear each other and can speak with one another interactively. A basic audio conference allows multiple participants to dial into the same telephone number, enter a meeting ID and be automatically joined to the conference call.

Web conferencing is a web-based screen, document and application sharing tool that allows multiple participants to see, interact with, comment on and use shared tools relevant to the topic of the meeting. Participants can view documents or slideshows provide by the originator of the meeting or collaborative edit shared "whiteboards" and relevant documents.

PLEASE NOTE: HSC Information Technology utilizes the Cisco MeetingPlace system to provide audio and web conferencing to the campus through This service offers pre-scheduled and reservationless (ad hoc) meetings and conferences for individuals or groups previously authorized to incur charges for their department.
** To obtain scheduling permissions, departmental business managers may complete a request at

For additional information on MeetingPlace, go to and search for KB10270, or contact the IT Service Desk at (405) 271-2203 or toll free (888) 435-7486.