My vertebrae, once stacked high, turned in to a pile like after a Maritime feast of discarded white calcified shells that used to be clam-tight and perfect at holding out the storms of  movements: up, down, twirl, twist and bends of life.

Blood and Thunder is an arts journal published by the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.

An endeavor to illustrate the College of Medicine's commitment to the humanities, the journal continues to be a creative outlet for the expression of thoughts and emotions associated with the healthcare experience.

It is the goal and purpose of Blood and Thunder to enhance the education of healthcare professionals through the exploration of art and to serve the community as a means for artistic expression.

"…aesthetic pleasure in the beautiful consists, to a large extent, in the fact that, when we enter the state of pure contemplation, we are raised for the moment above all willing, above all desires and cares; we are, so to speak, rid of ourselves." - Arthur Schopenhauer




  • Blood and Thunder is now accepting applications for Poetry, Prose and Visual Art pieces for the 2016 journal! To submit please go to the "Submit" tab or click here for further information. Submissions are due by May 31, 2016.

  • The 2016 Journal will be release reception will be October 27, 2016. At the Samis Education Center on the OUHSC campus in Oklahoma City, OK.

  • Highlights of past Blood and Thunder: Musings on the Art of Medicine journals may be viewed in our Online Gallery.