2012 Visual Art


Bacteriophages by June Nissinen

Ink, Charcoal & Crayon on Paper plus Jasc Paint Shop Adjustment



Ill Mother and Me by Eleanor Leonne Bennett




Truth Amidst a Child's Suffering by Cara Cecil, MSII

Oil on Paneling


Plague Physician by Joshua Wadlin, MSIV

Graphite on Paper



Neonatal ICU by Willy Conley




Diagnoses in Stasis by Robert Ferrier




Pour Your Heart Out by Lisa Feldman

Stoneware with Acrylic Paint


Rectal Polyp by Willy Conley

Photomicrograph: 35 mm Color Transparency



New Toys by Amanda Mae Montgomery, MSIII

Graphite on Paper


Genetics, DNA, & Brain Functions by June Nissinen

Ink on Paper