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What is the OU Community Health Alliance?

The OU Community Health Alliance is an organization of OU medical students, in cooperation with other students across the Health Sciences Center, who aim to better the healthcare system in Oklahoma City. Through volunteerism, we work to uplift, educate, and empower patients. The Alliance exposes students to the challenges of providing health care with limited resources, while developing more compassionate and empathetic healthcare professionals.

Our Primary Goals

  • Serve the uninsured and underinsured population of Oklahoma City
  • Create an educational experience for medical students at all levels of training
  • Expose medical students to the needs of the community in which we live
  • Foster a life-long passion for community service

OUCHA Officers 2015-2016
President: Elaine Stageberg, Elaine-Stageberg@ouhsc.edu
Vice President: Emily Munding, Emily-Munding@ouhsc.edu
Secretary: Taylor Martin, Whitney-Martin@ouhsc.edu
Treasurer: Nicole Prabhu, Nicole-Prabhu@ouhsc.edu
Education Chair: Andee Gower, Andraya-Gower@ouhsc.edu
Technology Chair: Collin Herman, Collin-Herman@ouhsc.edu
Bridges to Access Chair: Helga Skaftason, Helga-Skaftason@ouhsc.edu
Health Dash Chair: Bernie Clement, Bernadette-Clement@ouhsc.edu
Stuco Representatives: Brandi Gallaher, Brandi-Gallaher@ouhsc.edu & Kale Hunter, Kale-Hunter@ouhsc.edu