Other Compliance Offices:




  1. Limit Access to the area.
  2. Contact Campus Security 660-3333.



Major Spills     (>4 liters of a hazardous substance or > 1 liter of an highly toxic substance):


  1. Leave the spill site immediately.   Close doors to the affect areas as you leave.   Do not allow re-entry.
  2. Call if a medical or fire emergency exists, or if the spill cannot be controlled by departmental personnel.
  3. Contact Security at the Schusterman Center   (660-3333)   Other locations call 911.
  4. Provide the location of the spill and the substance (if known) and any other pertinent information.


Minor Spills     (<4 liters of a hazardous substance or < 1 liter of a highly toxic substance).


  1. Follow the detailed instructions provided in the OUHSC Laboratory Safety Manual under Spill   Control / Emergency Response Procedures.
  2. Call Campus Security at 660-3333 if assistance or medical treatment is needed (911 all other locations).
  3. If flammable material is spilled, turn off sources of ignition and heat if safe to do so.
  4. Notify nearby persons and evacuate as necessary.
  5. Remove injured people, if safe to do so.
  6. Identify or characterize the substance(s) involved.
  7. If clean-up procedures can be handled safely by department personnel, follow these steps:

*    Don appropriate personal protective equipment.

*    Turn on fume hoods and other exhaust equipment.

*    Open sash on hoods as much as possible.

*    Follow clean-up procedures identified on the MSDS or the appropriate spill kit.

*    Contact the Tulsa EHSO 660-3878 for possible regulatory reporting requirements and disposal of the collected waste.



  1. Know the locations of the emergency showers and eyewash stations ahead of time.
  2. Remove contaminated clothing.
  3. Flush skin or eyes with water for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Make sure chemicals have not accumulated in the shoes.
  5. Obtain medical attention for the victim   by calling 660-3333 and describing the victim's exact location.



Follow the detailed instruction provided in the Radiation Safety Manual under Emergency procedures.


Radioactive Material Spill

  1. During regular working hours, report all accidents to the Radiation Safety Officer, (405) 271-6121.   Also notify the approved user.
  2. If an accident occurs during off-duty hours, notify Campus Security at 660-3333.
  3. If a large spill occurs, vacate the area and do not allow re-entry by anyone.



  1. Flush contaminated skin area(s) thoroughly with water, then wash repeatedly with mild soap and warm water.
  2. If skin is lacerated by glassware or equipment contaminated with radioactive material, immediately wash the wounded area(s) under a stream of lukewarm water.
  3. If ingestion of radioactive material has occurred, report the incident immediately to a supervisor.


The Environmental Health and Safety Office
Oklahoma City
Ph: 405-271-3000
Fx: 405-271-1606
800 NE 15th, Rm. 301
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Ph: 918-660-3878

Fx: 918-660-3069

4502 E. 41st Street

Tulsa, OK


Ph: 405-325-5146
Ph: 405-325-5147

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