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Know The Location of Fire Extinguishers in Your

Area and How to Use Them


If clothes are on fire, drop to the floor and roll.   Smother the fire with a blanket, rug or heavy coat.   Call for help.   Administer first aid.


Upon discovery of a SMALL fire which can be readily extinguished with available equipment:

Immediately call Campus Security at the Schusterman Center   (660-3333) or 911   (all other locations).
Remember PASS:  

•  P ull the pin

•  A im low toward the base of the flames

•  S queeze the handle, and

•  S weep from side to side.

•  Get help if necessary.


Upon discovery of a LARGE fire.

•  Activate the fire alarm and give verbal alarm.
•  At the Schusterman Center , call Campus Security at 660-3333 or 911
•  Evacuate the building, alerting people as you go.   Seek and assist disabled persons in the area.
•  Exit via the stairways.   DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
•  Close all doors leading to the main hallways to prevent further spread of fires.
•  Once outside, move to an open area at least 300 feet away (about 2/3 to 1 block away) from the affected building(s).
•  keep roadways and walkways clear for emergency vehicles.   Remain upwind from smoke and fumes.
•  Wait for further instructions from Campus Security or other recognized officials or emergency personnel.
•  DO NOT RE-ENTER THE BUILDING UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO   by Campus Security or proper identified emergency personnel.
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