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IN THE EVENT OF A SERIOUS ILLNESS OR INJURY, immediately call Campus Security at the Schusterman Center at 660-3333 or 911 (all other locations).   Tell them the exact location of the victim and provide the telephone number from which you are calling.   If you notice any medical alert jewelry, advise emergency response personnel.   Give appropriate first aid until emergency response personnel arrive.   DO NOT MOVE THE VICTIM UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.


Persons responding to a medical emergency must protect themselves from exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials.

  1. For bleeding control with a minimum of bleeding, disposable gloves alone should be sufficient.
  2. For bleeding control with spurting or splashing blood, use disposable gloves, a gown, mask, and protective eyewear.




•  Warm with lukewarm water until thawing is complete, but not longer.   NEVER use hot water.

•  Dry heat is not recommended.

•  Do not rub the affected area.

•  Seek medical attention, especially if blisters occur.



•  Keep patient warm.

•  Remove jewelry from the affected area if possible.

•  Apply cool, NOT COLD, clean water or dressings.

•  Protect from dirt and friction by applying clean dry dressing.

•  Do not break blisters.

•  Do not apply oil, butter, grease or ointment.

•  Seek medical attention.



•  Do not force anything to the mouth.

•  Protect patient during the seizure.

•  Do not restrain the patient.

•  Reassure the patient.

•  Seek medical attention.



•  It is imperative to turn off the power source before touching the victim.

•  Seek medical attention immediately.



•  While wearing gloves to assist the victim, carefully massage the wound and apply gentle pressure to encourage bleeding.

•  Rinse the wound under warm running water for 15 minutes and continue massaging the site.

•  Wash the wound and surrounding area with povidone-iodine swab stick for five minutes; continue to rinse periodically.

•  Pat the injury dry using sterile gauze pads.

•  Cover the wound with a pad and secure it with gauze and tape.

•  Seek medical attention.



•  Do not move victim unless there is a danger of fire, explosion or other life-threatening emergency.

•  Do not try to set a fracture of straighten an injured limb.

•  Stabilize the injured area.

•  Seek medical attention.



•  Immobilize joint in the position found and do not attempt to straighten.

•  Seek medical attention.



•  Wash gently or flush with water.

•  Seek medical attention.


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