OU Hazard Communication Program Hazard Communication Program
DOT Shipping Biological Materials Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
OU Confined Space Entry Program
OU Forklift Safety Forklift Safety Program
OU Hearing Conservation
OU Hot Work Permit Program
OU Personal Protective Equipment
OU Physical/Mechanical Hazards (Includes Lockout/Tagout)
OU Respiratory Protection Program
OUHSC/OU-Tulsa Comprehensive Safety & Health

Program Comprehensive Safety & Health Program

OUHSC/OU-Tulsa Infectious Diseases Policy Infectious Diseases Policy

(Includes Tuberculosis Infection Control Policy and Program and Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan)

OUHSC/OU-Tulsa Laboratory Safety Manual

July 2001 Updates Waste Disposal and Spills Policy
September 2002 Updates Waste Disposal and Spills Policy
January 2004 Updates
Waste Disposal and Spills Policy
September 2005 Updates

August 2006 Updates

July 2007 Updates

June 2009 Updates
November 2009 Updates

October 2010 Updates

June 2012 Updates
April 2013 Updates
July 2013 Updates

September 2014 Updates
March 2015 Updates

OUHSC/OU-Tulsa Asbestos Operations & Maintenance
Hazardous Drug Procedures

Hospital Pharmaceutical Disposal Guidelines

OUHSC/OU-Tulsa Laboratory Close-Out Policy Laboratory Close-Out Policy
OUHSC/OU-Tulsa Policy for Waste Disposal and Spills Waste Disposal and Spills Policy
OU Laboratory Safety Manual

October 2010 Updates
June 2012 Updates
December 2012 Updates
July 2013 Updates

OU Exposure Control Plan


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