Q1. Why is it, when I try to logon to your training site, I get the following error message? 

"User not found"

A1. Most of the time this can be resolved by contacting the IT Helpdesk (405/271-2203). If the IT Helpdesk is unable, to figure out the issue, give us a call (405/271-3000).

Q2. I know I'm putting in my username correctly when prompted, but the system doesn't seem to be taking my password. Why?

A2. Passwords and user IDs are case sensitive so check to make sure your "CAPS LOCK" is not on. Also, if you have tried three times with no success, you will need to call the IT Helpdesk (405/271-2203) to have your account unlocked. They only allow three attempts at logging in before the system locks the account. Finally, don't forget that training is required annually, and the University requires you change your password every 6 months. It is possible that you told Windows to remember your password, but you have changed your password since the last time you visited our website.

Q3. Why wasn't I allowed to view and print a certificate of training after I completed the training course.

A3. First, be sure you have completed all the required lessons. Hazard Communication has 4 lessons, Fire Safety only has 1, Laboratory Safety has 4 lessons, Bloodborne Pathogen has 3, TB has 2, etc. If you have not completed all the lessons, you will not be given the opportunity to print your certificate yet.

Keep in mind that the training course automatically logs your completion in the database. There is no requirement that you have or maintain a certificate, unless your department has asked you to do so.

If you are sure you have completed all the required lessons, and you didn't click to view the certificate, you cannot go back and print it at a later time. If you know you have completed all the required lessons in the course and you need a certificate or other proof that you have completed the course, you have two options.

Solution 1: Log all the way in to the training system (start here) and click on the top item in the training menu (top left part of your screen) "What Courses Have I Taken?" A page will appear listing your name and a table of courses, lessons, dates of completion, and scores. You can print this out for your files as proof you have completed your required training.

Solution 2: Email Andrea Miller and ask her to create a certificate for you. She will verify you have completed the course in question, and generate a certificate to be sent to you.

The system let me view and print a certificate, but my name wasn't on the certificate.

A4. If you weren't logged in under your own username and password, the system will not know it was you. You should call 405/271-3000 so that we can see what the system has done with your information.

What is your exact web address? I log into the OUHSC main web page and select the Environmental Health and Safety link, but I would like to link directly to your web address. How do I do this?

A5. Our direct web address is "http://w3.ouhsc.edu/ehso". When you are viewing our web page, either add it to your favorites, or bookmarks (depending on which browser your using) so our site will be more readily available to you through your web browser.

 Q6. What courses am I required to take?

A6. All OUHSC employees (full-time, part-time, temporary, permanent, and paid student employees) and OU-Tulsa employees with healthcare or laboratory duties are required to take Hazard Communication and Fire Safety training.

All OU-Tulsa employees that are not healthcare or laboratory personnel must complete the Fire Safety Training.

If you work in a patient care area such as in a clinic-type setting, including front-line reception employees, then you will also need to take Tuberculosis training.

If you have a potential for exposure to human blood/blood products or other potentially infectious materials, including unfixed human tissue or human cell lines/strains, in the course of your duties, then you should also take the Bloodborne Pathogen training.

If you work in a laboratory work where the "laboratory use of hazardous chemicals" and/or infectious agents occurs, you should take the Laboratory Safety training course in addition to the Hazard Communication course. Employees who work in physical therapy laboratories, occupational therapy laboratories, dental laboratories where dental materials are produced, clinical laboratories where procedures are limited to the use of dipsticks, test strips, and commercially prepared kits (such as pregnancy tests) or other laboratories where the "laboratory use of hazardous chemicals" or work with infectious agents does not occur are exempt from taking the additional laboratory safety course (all other applicable courses such as Hazard Communication, Fire Safety, TB if appropriate, etc. must still be taken).

If you ship infectious agents, you should take the DOT Shipping course.

If you are a resident or a healthcare provider, special courses have been designed for you which combine the requirements into one course.

How do I find out what courses I have completed and what courses I am in the process of completing?

A7. Log all the way in to the training system (start here) and click on the top item in the training menu (top left part of your screen) "What Courses Have I Taken?" A page will appear listing your name and a table of courses, lessons, dates of completion, and scores. The top portion of the page will show completed courses, the bottom part will show those in which less than the total required lessons are taken (for instance you may have completed lessons 1 and 2 of Hazard Communication, but not 3 and 4. Once you complete all the lessons for the course, the information at the bottom will move to the top.

Q8. My screen is so small I can't see all of your web page. Why?

A8. Our web site is best viewed using a screen resolution of 800x600 or better. If your screen resolution is less than the 800x600 then you will have problems viewing our site. Contact your "Tier I" and ask them to come help you set your screen to a higher resolution. They will be able to determine whether your computer system is capable of this or not.

Q9. Every training certificate I get has the same course name. Why?

A9. Sometimes, for whatever reason, the internet browser on your computer may not be set up to always view an updated page. To check this, in Internet Explorer, go to "Tools", then "Internet Options" then click on the "General" tab if it isn't already displayed.  In the section for "Temporary Internet files" click on "Settings".  Check to see that the check for newer pages of stored pages "Automatically" is checked.

Q10. I get an error message when I try to open a .pdf (Adobe) file like your Saf-T-Gram (e.g, " Expected a dict object"), or the file does not open.

A10. Sometimes each of our workstations is set up just a little different than others. In this case, this is an Adobe Reader issue that can occur when trying to open an Adobe file in a browser such as Internet Explorer. You can do the following.

  1. Close your browser.
  2. Open Adobe Reader.
  3. Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences.
  4. In the left column select Internet.
  5. Uncheck Allow fast web view.
  6. Be sure that Display PDF in browser is checked.
  7. Click OK, and try again.

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