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Biological Safety Cabinet Moving Guidelines

Compressed Gas Cylinder Fact Sheet

Designated Coordinator Listing

Electronic Waste (Ewaste) Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Employee Safety Handbook

Fire Extinguishers

Guidelines and Requirements for Shipping Chemicals

Nanoparticle Handling Guidelines

Recycling Bin Locations

Recycling Guidelines
Sink Disposal Guidelines

Spill SOP

Student Guidelines

Surplus Chemical Listing


Office Ergonomics Evaluation

EHSO Fall 2003 Saf-T-Gram Description: Description: Designated Coordinator List .pdf Document

OSHA Computer Workstation Information

Typing Injury Frequently Asked Questions

OSHA General Ergonomic Information

Ergonomic Tips for Laptop Users (UC Berkley)

5 Tips for using a Laptop Computer (Cornell University)

Laptop Ergonomics (University of Minnesota)

Laptop Ergonomics and Tips on Using Laptop Computers (MIT)

Ergonomics for Using a Laptop (Harvard University)

Procedures for chair adjustments for Herman Miller chairs (used at OU Children's Physicians Building)

1)Go to:   
2)Click on "Products" out the top of the page.
3)Click on " Seating" and then select "MIRRA".
4)The Mirra page will then pop up with all the user info. Scroll down to "What's in it for you" just under the large Mirra picture. The last selection in the box is "Chair Adjustments".
5)Click on chair adjustments and then in the box on the left, the different adjustments can be selected for explanation.

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