Committees, Councils, and Boards

Faculty Compensation Committee

The charge of this committee is monitoring and advancing the economic welfare of the faculty by:

  1. maintaining and updating yearly data relative to HSC faculty compensation and that of other educational institutions;
  2. identifying yearly the process by which salaries, fringe benefits, salary needs, and salary increases are requested and appropriated by all involved parties;
  3. providing the about summative information to the Faculty Senate during the fall of each year;
  4. developing and presenting a strategic plan for communicating faculty compensation- related concerns/issues to administration and relevant parties in a timely fashion each year; and
  5. acting as a liaison with appropriate Councils and Committees, including the Norman Faculty Compensation Committee, as needed/desired.

Committee Makeup

At least 6 members and at least 1 representative from each College on the HSC, except for the Graduate College. 3 members must be Senators at the time of appointment.


3 years, staggered terms.

Current Membership

Name College Term
Denise Bender Allied Health 2017-2020
Farah Masood Dentistry 2017-2020
 Satish Kumar Medicine 2016-2019
Brenda Nance Nursing 2014-2017
Voncella McCleary-Jones Nursing 2016-2019
Mark Fisher Nursing 2017-2020
Teresa Truong Pharmacy 2015-2018
Aaron Wendelboe, Chair Public Health 2015-2018