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Faculty Senate Standing & Ad-hoc Committees

Bylaws Committee

Charge of Committee:  To review all suggested amendments to the Senate Charter and Operating Procedures and make recommendations pertaining to the amendments to the Senate and to review annually the Senate Charter and Operating Procedures and recommend changes, as appropriate, to the Senate.

Committee Make-up:  At least 6 members and at least 1 representative from each College on HSC, except for the Graduate College; all members of this committee shall be Senators at the time they commence serving

Terms: 3 years

Committee on Committees

Charge of Committee:  To nominate the slate of officers for the Faculty Senate, to recommend to the Senate nominees for all standing and special committees, to review the credentials of such members of the Senate and to make appointments, in case of emergency, to other standing committees subject to approval by the Senate at its next meeting.

Committee Make-up:  At least 6 members and at least 1 representative from each College on the HSC, except for the Graduate College.  All members shall be Senators at the time they commence serving on the committee; the Chair-Elect of the Senate serves as the Chair of this committee

Terms:  3 years

Faculty Compensation Committee

Charge of Committee:  Monitoring and advancing the economic welfare of the faculty by: 1) maintaining and updating yearly data relative to HSC faculty compensation and that of other educational institutions; 2) identifying yearly the process by which salaries, fringe benefits, salary needs, and salary increases are requested and appropriated by all parties involved; 3) providing summative information to the Faculty Senate during the fall of each year; 4) developing and presenting a strategic plan for communicating faculty compensation-related concerns/issues to administration and relevant parties in a timely fashion each year; and 5) acting as a liaison with appropriate Councils and Committees, including the Norman Faculty Compensation Committee, as needed/desired.

Committee Make-up:  At least 6 members and at least 1 representative from each College on the HSC, except for the Graduate College; three members must be Senators at the time of appointment

Terms:  3 years

IT Advisory Committee

Charge:  The functions of this committee shall be: a.) explore issues, policies, and concerns related to information technology of the Health Sciences Center and; b.) recommend to the Faculty Senate overall policies pertaining to information technology and teaching.

Committee Make-up:  Comprised of administration, college appointees, Faculty Senate appointees and IT Staff

Terms:  3 years

HSC Committees

Academic Programs Council

Charge:  Recommend to the President through the Provost and report to the Faculty Senate on matters concerned with the instructional program and curricula of the HSC, including evaluation of new programs with respect to their feasibility, potential stability, and potential for excellence; monitoring and evaluating proposed and existing programs for the purpose of making recommendations for improvement; and evaluating proposed and existing programs for evidence of duplication.

Committee Make-up:  10 HSC Faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate; 3 members of Administration: Provost, Registrar, Academic Bulletins Editor 

Terms: 3 years

Campus Tenure Committee

Charge: Review all tenure recommendations and provide advice on whether or not the academic unit's recommendation on tenure with regard to both substance and process is sustained by the documentation provided and is consistent with the approved tenure criteria. Membership of this committee consists of tenured faculty nominated by the Senate and approved by the President.

Committee Make-up:  13 Tenured HSC Faculty, nominated by the Senate and appointed by the President

Terms:  3 years

Faculty Appeals Board

Charge: Respond to matters of tenure abrogation, dismissal, severe sanctions, alleged violations of academic freedom or academic due process and other grievances unresolved through administrative procedures. Because of the extraordinary importance and the range of such issues, the Board shall be empowered to appoint ad hoc committees to assist in the conduct of its affairs. The Faculty Appeals Board considers all matters brought before it by individual faculty members, academic units, or administrative units, or other duly constituted bodies within the University community.

Committee Make-up: 40 HSC Faculty - members must be tenured and in non-administrative positions

Terms:  4 years

Library Advisory Committee

Charge: Serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library.  As such, it will provide recommendations concerning present and future: policies, procedures, programs, and services.  It will provide a communication link between the Library’s patrons (Faculty, Staff and Students) and the Director so the Library can continue to meet the educational and research needs of OUHSC.  Committee overseen by Library Director

Committee Make-up:  Comprised of 7 HSC Faculty appointed by College Deans, 7 HSC Faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate, 2 Students and Univ. Libraries Dean

Terms:  2 years, students 1 year

Research Council

Charge: Promote and develop research and creative throughout the university community. Members of this committee also recommend to the President, through the Senior Vice President and Provost, all those nominated faculty deemed by the Council to fully meet the criteria for selection of George Lynn Cross Research Professors.

Committee Make-up:  7 HSC Faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate; VP of Research

Terms:  3 Years

Shared Leave Committee

Charge: Monitor the Shared Leave Program, make policy recommendations to administration and employee governance groups, and to approve the distribution of shared leave to recipients.

Committee Make-up:  3 HSC Faculty; 4 HSC Staff; and Administration

Terms:  3 Years,  Terms follow calendar year, not fiscal year


University Committees

Athletics Council

Charge: Advise the President and Athletics Director on athletic policy and program matters. All Council recommendations, reviews, and reports will be made in writing to the President and Athletic Director. 

Committee Make-up:  2 HSC Faculty (1 Presidential); 6 NC Faculty (2 Presidential); 1 HSC Staff; 1 NC Staff; 2 Alumni; 1 HSC Student; 1 NC Student; Athletic Director; Faculty Athletic Representative; 2 Student Athletes

Terms:  3 years

Commencement Committee

Charge: Assist in planning, coordinating, and implementing the annual commencement program ceremonies held on the Norman Campus in May; recommends commencement speakers.

Committee Make-up:  1 HSC Faculty; 1 NC Faculty; 2 Students; 8 Permanent members

Terms:  2 Years


Continuing Education Public Service Council

Charge:  Advise on matters of continuing education, outreach, distance education, and lifelong learning programs.

Committee Make-up:  1 HSC Faculty; 6 NC Faculty (2 Presidential); 3 CCE Staff (Presidential); NC Provost; NC VP Research; CCE Vice Provost

Terms:  3 Years

Copyright Committee

Charge: Consider and investigate disputes among administrators, faculty, or staff and shall recommend appropriate solutions to the President.  The responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, disputes concerning ownership of University commissioned works, terms, and commissions, distribution of royalties for University-produced works and distribution of royalties for works that my have required specific and unusual University expense.

Committee Make-up:  Comprised of 7 members: 1 Presidential appointment for 4 year term; 1 student appointed by Graduate Student Senate for 1 year term;  2 staff (1 Presidential) by Staff Senate for 3 year term; and 3 Faculty (1 Presidential) by Faculty Senate for 3 year term

Terms:  As described above.  3 years for Faculty


Council on Faculty Awards and Honors

Charge: Recommend to the President candidates for David Ross Boyd Professorships and Regents' Awards for Superior Teaching, Research and Services; assist in the determination of nominations for local, national and international awards and honors and sabbatical leaves; and serve as an advisory body to the President on all matters concerning faculty awards and honors.

Committee Make-up:  5 HSC Faculty; 5 NC Faculty; 1 Alumni; 1 Student (Alumni is appointed by President; 3 Faculty are appointed by President, rotating 2/1 for HSC and Norman campuses)

Terms:  3 Years


Discrimination and Harassment Committee

Charge: Consider whether there exists adequate grounds for formal hearings in the case of discrimination complaints brought to the attention of the committee, and if so, to hold formal hearings in accord with policy.

Committee Make-up:  8 HSC Faculty; 8 HSC Staff; 8 HSC Students

Terms:  3 Years


Employee Benefits Committee

Charge: Advise the President and Director of Human Resources on the University's employment benefits program and to make recommendations for new programs and changes in the existing programs.

Committee Make-up:  2 HSC Faculty; 1 Tulsa Faculty; 2 HSC Staff; 1 Tulsa Staff; 4 NC Faculty (2 Presidential); 4 NC Staff (2 Presidential); NC Personnel Director; NC Asst. Personnel Director; HSC Personnel Director; HSC Assoc. Personnel Director; Tulsa Personnel Director; OU Retirees Association Representative; Insurance Manager

Terms: 4 Years


Honorary Degrees Screening Committee

Charge:  Reviews and evaluates nominations for Honorary Degrees.

Committee Make-up:  1 HSC Faculty (Presidential); 1 NC Faculty; 1 HSC Dean; 2 NC Deans; HSC Provost; NC Provost; 2 Faculty from Faculty Awards & Honors Council; VP University Affairs; 1 OU Regent

Terms:  3 Years


Honors Council

Charge: Establishes academic policy for the Honor’s Program.

Committee Make-up:  Comprised of 10 members as follows: 3 Norman Faculty, 1 HSC Faculty, 4 Faculty appointed by Provost, and 2 Honors Student Assoc. Representatives

Terms:  3 years


Patent Advisory Committee

Charge: Advise the President on all matters concerning the University; consult with and advise the Vice President/Vice Provost for Research concerning specific inventions or discoveries coming under the Patent Policy; from time to time consider and make recommendations to the President concerning changes to the Patent Policy and Directives.

Committee Make-up:  Comprised of 15 members as follows: 5 Norman Faculty, 4 HSC Faculty, 2 Staff, 1 Graduate Student, V.P. Technology Development, V.P. Research and University Council

Terms:  3 years


University Scholars Selection Committee

Charge: Selects recipients of University Scholars tuition/fee waiver talent-based scholarships and awards Rhodes and Will Rogers scholarships.

Committee Make-up:  Comprised of 19 members as follows: 3 Norman Faculty, 1 HSC Faculty, Honors College Assoc. Dean, Vice Provost Instruction, Admissions Director, Provost, HSC Provost, 2 Deans, Business Leadership Program Director, V.P. Development, Prospective Student Services Director, OU Foundation Director, Scholars Program Associate Director, Assoc. Director Honors Advising, Assistant Director Honors Advising, Controller, and V.P. Student Affairs

Terms:  3 years

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