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Faculty Appeals Board

Charge: Respond to matters of tenure abrogation, dismissal, severe sanctions, alleged violations of academic freedom or academic due process and other grievances unresolved through administrative procedures. Because of the extraordinary importance and the range of such issues, the Board shall be empowered to appoint ad hoc committees to assist in the conduct of its affairs. The Faculty Appeals Board considers all matters brought before it by individual faculty members, academic units, or administrative units, or other duly constituted bodies within the University community.

Committee Make-up: 40 HSC Faculty - members must be tenured and in non-administrative positions.

Terms:  4 years

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Current Membership:




Jeff Bender Medicine 2012-2016
Benjamin Cowley Medicine 2012-2016
Robert Miller Dentistry 2012-2016
Kelly Standifer Pharmacy 2012-2016
Carol Dionne Allied Health 2012-2016
Kai Lau Medicine 2012-2016
William "Mike" McShan Pharmacy 2012-2016
Janet Wilson Nursing 2012-2016
Dwight Reynolds Medicine 2012-2016
Denise Bender Allied Health 2012-2016
Jo Azzarello Nursing 2011-2015
David Parham Medicine 2011-2015
Kevin Farmer Pharmacy 2011-2015
Margaret Phillips Public Health 2011-2015
Mark Stratton Pharmacy 2011-2015
Nathan Shankar Pharmacy 2011-2015
Frank Boutsen Allied Health 2011-2015
Robert John Public Health 2011-2015
VACANT Dentistry 2011-2015
David Garrison Allied Health 2011-2015
David Thompson Public Health 2010-2014
Elena Cuaderes Nursing 2010-2014
Karen Beckman Medicine 2010-2014
Kris Sekar Medicine 2010-2014
Rita Raman Medicine 2010-2014
Robert Carson Dentistry 2010-2014
Sarah Buckingham Allied Health 2010-2014
Terry Fruits Dentistry 2010-2014
William Hildebrand Medicine 2010-2014
A. Renee Leasure Nursing 2009-2013
VACANT Allied Health 2009-2013
Frans Currier Dentistry 2009-2013
VACANT Medicine 2009-2013
VACANT Public Health 2009-2013
Kathy Reilly Medicine 2009-2013
R. Chris Rathbun Pharmacy 2009-2013
Ron Greenfield Medicine 2009-2013
Satish Kumar Medicine 2009-2013
Stephen Walston Public Health 2009-2013
VACANT Dentistry 2009-2013
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