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Accounts Payable
Front Desk - 405.271.2410
Travel Section - 405.271.2038

Associate VP & CFO
Front Desk- 405.271.2376

Auxiliary/Service Unit AccountingFront Desk- 405.271.2246

Bursar's Office
Front Desk- 405.271.2433

Financial Reporting
Front Desk- 405.271.2355

General Accounting
Front Desk- 405.271.2355

Grants and Contracts
Front Desk- 405.271.2177

Payroll Services
Front Desk- 405.271.2055

Student Financial Aid
Front Desk- 405.271.2118

Budget Office
Front Desk- 405.271.2404

_Notarized Form 3 (Can be completed online & printed)
    A Notarized Form 3 is used to document payment of an expense, where payment cannot otherwise be proven to be made by a claimant. For instance, cash payment receipts do indicate payment, but do not indicate by whom the payment was made. In this type instance (and other related scenarios), a Notarized Claim Form 3 would be required.

_Travel Form 19
    Used to claim official business travel on behalf of the University.

_Travel Form 19 Example (In-State)
    Used to claim official business travel on behalf of the University.

_Travel Form 19 Example (Out-of-State)
    Used to claim official business travel on behalf of the University.

Access Card Requisition
    This form is to be used by HSC departments to request building access to HSC buildings for current continuous HSC employees. This form can be sent by campus mail to: Campus Police, CPD-102

Add Pay Earning Codes
    These codes are available for additional pay entry in the eForm Add Pay entry screens in PeopleSoft. This document explains the intended use of the codes.

Add Pay Overtime Calculation Example
    Example of how to complete the Add Pay Overtime Calculation form.

Add Pay Overtime Calculations
    Used to calculate additional overtime pay for hourly employees receiving a non-discretionary additional pay during a period in which they worked overtime.

Agency Sponsored Designated Lodging
    When OU HSC sponsors an event and needs to self-designate lodging within allowed policies, this form should be completed and submitted as instructed.

Air Travel Authorization Form
    This form replaces the multiple part form for Air Travel Authorization. This form assists with proper submission of an ATA and is used to pay airfare directly to University Contracted Travel Agents.

Airfare Approval for Non-Citizens Form
    Additional form required to be submitted prior to ATA booking for non-US citizens. Contact Service Unit Accounting for more information.

Airfare vs. Mileage Comparison Form
    Driving out of state in lieu of flying often requires a comparison of costs. This can be used to aid in comparison.

Application to Establish a Chartfield Attribute Value (ECAV)
    This form is used to establish a chartfield value.

Award Funding Report Directions
    The Award Funding Report allows you access to data by 6 categories for a date range that you specify.

Budget Revision Form
    Budget Revision Form

Budget Revision Form - Required Projects
    Budget Revision Form - Required Projects

Cash Receipts End User Security Form
    This is a PeopleSoft security form used for access to Cash Receipts. User tranining is required before access is granted.

Cash Reconciliation
    Form used to reconcile petty cash funds.

Category Item List
    List of expense gl accounts organized by category for easy application.

Chartfield Spread / Source Change Form
    This form is used to change information associated with the funding sources in which an employee is being paid from.

Clinical Trial Closeout Calculator
    Calculator to assist in determining the residual to be returned to the department.

Computer Account Request Form
    This form is used to setup computer system and network access for new employees at OUHSC. This form will be used by IT Account Management to setup user access.

Core User Security Access Form
    This PeopleSoft security form is used for individuals that reside in the Financial Services department.

Cost Transfers Checklist for Sponsored Programs
    This was created as a guideline to use when submitting cost transfers for sponsored programs.

Currency Converter
    Convert foreign currencies to US currency using date and type of payment means.

Emergency Check Request/Approval Form
    This form is used by departments when there is an immediate need to pay an employee. Departments must work closely with Payroll Department when using this form.

Employee Expense Reportable as Income
    Used to pay for employee expenses which are considered to be reportable as income and/or date beyond the Reimbursement Policy limit of 120 days.

Equipment and Facility Control Form
    Used to add equipment to department inventory.

Equipment Inventory Off-Campus Authorization Form
    Used for checking out inventory items to be used outside of the workplace, i.e. laptops, printers, etc.

Equipment Removal Form
    Used to remove equipment from department inventory.

Equipment Request Form
    This form is a multiple part form and can be obtained by contacting OU Printing Services at (405) 325-4176.

F&A (IDC) Rates
    OUHSC F&A Rates (Indirect Costs) which are effective July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2017

Faculty & Staff Tuition & Fee Waiver
    Form to be used by OUHSC or OU-Norman faculty and staff to request a waiver of eligible OUHSC tuition and fees.

Fax Cover Sheet - Vendor Company
    Cover sheet to assist you in requesting vendor form completion from prospective vendors. You can send with the vendor form to help explain the form to the vendors.

Fly America Act Affidavit
    Affidavit required for international air travel using a foreign air carrier to be paid with federal funds. Contact Service Unit Accounting for more information.

Foreign National Honorarium Checklist
    Checklist to assist in collection of required approvals, documents, and payment requests for honorarium payments to foreign nationals.

Foreign National Information Form
    Form collects the necessary information for Payroll Services to determine tax status for foreign national employees who are not U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents (green card holders).

Fringe Benefit Rates
    This information is for fringe benefit rates on sponsored programs.

General Ledger Chart of Accounts
    List of all OU HSC gl accounts and their correlating OMES OEC (if applicable).

General Ledger Fund Listing
    List of OU HSC funds and correlating cash accounts.

General Ledger Program Listing
    List of OU HSC program codes and descriptions.

Grants Fundamentals Presentation
    This is a presentation on the fundamentals of Grants & Contract Accounting

Grants GL Account to Budgetary Category
    List of gl accounts and correlating grant budget categories.

Honorarium Approval Form
    To request preapproval for an honorarium payment to be made to a visitor.

Honorarium/Travel Deposit
    To request a reimbursement of related travel expenses when an OU HSC faculty member receives and honorarium payment from an outside entity to include miscellaneous travel expenses. These payments are deposited into University funds and the expenses are refunded back to the faculty member.

Hotel/Motel Tax Exemption Form (City of Oklahoma City)
    It is City law that this form must be supplied by the person lodging at time of check-in to exempt from city occupancy tax. Please provide this form to your employees/visitors prior to lodging.

Independent Contractor Approval Form
    To request preapproval from Human Resources for an independent contractor relationship.

International Information Form (IIF)
    Used to collect pertinent tax and other information from foreign individuals for proper immigration and payment classification.

Invitation Letter to Foreign Visitors
    Letter draft for invitation to the invited individual to use when inviting foreign nationals to visit the University for business.

Invitation Letter to Immigration
    Letter draft to be presented by the invited foreign national to the immigration officers at the entry into the US to use when inviting foreign nationals to visit the University for business.

Invoice Number Conventions (see AP Please Pay Training Manual)
    Invoice number conventions are standard numbering practices for invoices not containing an identifiable number. Following standard conventions aids in preventing duplicate payments.

IRS TIN Types & Descriptions
    Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is an identification number used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the administration of tax laws.

IRS Withholding Calculator
    IRS Withholding Calculator

Leave Adjustment Form
    This form is used to adjust leave balances and paid leave payouts and will be sent to Payroll Services.

Manual Time and Effort Form
    Used to document the time and effort worked on a sponsored program. Should only be used if a T&E report was not printed from the Human Capital System.

Missing Equipment Notification
    This form is used for missing equipment notification.

Moving Expenses
    All expenses related to moving (to include pre-move and house hunting expenses) must contain a completed Moving Expense form to document includable and excludable expenses in accordance with IRS Publication 521.

NIH Salary Cap Calculator
    Calculator to assist in deterimining amount to be cost shared.

Notice to Cancel Paycheck
    This form is used by departments to cancel a paycheck that has been processed through the payroll system. There is a time frame that is allowed to cancel paychecks so before submitting this form the Payroll Office should be contacted.

Oklahoma Tax Exemption Permit
    To claim sales tax exemption in the State of Oklahoma.

    List of Office of Management and Enterprise Services Expenditure Codes with full descriptions.

OU Pay Form
    OU Pay form is used for Add Pays that cannot be added electronically in the system or to correct online data that cannot be corrected online. The form is normally used after TAL timesheets have been locked.

Participant Log
    Payments made to participants must be tracked and reported to Accounts Payable (AP) to ensure IRS reporting requirements. This log is a quarterly report to AP for all payments made through petty cash or gift cards.

Participant Log Instructions/Example
    Payments made to participants must be tracked and reported to Accounts Payable (AP) to ensure IRS reporting requirements. This log is a quarterly report to AP for all payments made through petty cash or gift cards.

Participant Payment Request Form
    Use to document the status of individuals in compliance with the IRS w-9 requirements.

Payroll Coordinator Checklist
    Checklist to assist in biweekly payroll review process.

Payroll/Budget End User Security Form
    This PeopleSoft security form is used for access to Budget and/or Payroll. User training for payroll is required before access is granted.

PeopleSoft End User Security Access
    This PeopleSoft security form is used for access to Accounts Payable, SUR, Purchasing, and/or Grants Pre-Award Negotiation Bolt-On. User training is required before access is granted.

PeopleSoft Queries for Grants & Contracts
    This information is regarding the public queries that are available for use for sponsored activity (SPNSR fund).

Per Diem Calculator
    Used to calculate number of days/hours/minutes of travel time upon entry of the beginning/ending days/times of travel departure/return.

Per Diem Rates (GSA)
    Find domestic rates allowed by the State for per diem to include Meals and Incidentals (M&IE) as well as allowed lodging rates.

Per Diem Rates (NACO)
    Find foreign rates allowed by the State for per diem to include Meals and Incidentals (M&IE) as well as allowed lodging rates.

PikePass Rates
    Determine toll rates charged on Oklahoma toll roads.

PO Invoice Checklist
    Checklist to assist in routing PO invoices to Accounts Payable (AP) for payment request.

Post Payment Request Form
    Use to request a warrant (check) cancellation, stop payment issue, or reissue a warrant.

Pre IRB-IACUC Spending Authority Form
    Used to allow spending on a project that does not have IRB/IACUC approval by the begin date of the project.

Prior Period Payroll Adjustment
    This form is used to prior period adjustments when greater than three pay periods have passed in TAL. Form must be completed in its entirety, signed by the employee's supervisor and submitted to Payroll Services.

Re-Budget Request Form
    Used to request a change to the budget of a sponsored program.

Record of Lost Travel Receipts Form
    Affidavit form to certify expenses which cannot be otherwise documented by receipts.

Registration Prepayment Certification
    To document compliance with prepayment for registration, this form can be sent to the sponsor of the event to be completed, signed and returned to the department. Contact Accounts Payable Processing for more information.

Request for Payroll documents
    This form is submitted by an employee or prior employee to Payroll Office requesting payroll related documents such as an earning statements. In most cases this form is used by previous employees who no longer have access to their earnings statements online.

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) – Stipend Levels
    Current NRSA stipend levels

Salary Cap Summary - NIH
    Salary Cap Summary - NIH

Salary Paycheck Calculator
    Salary Paycheck Calculator

Sales Tax Rates (Oklahoma)
    Calculate taxes on reimbursements.

Scholarship/Fellowship Payment Authorization Form
    Form to use in submitting scholarship/fellowship payment requests to include qualified and non-qualified payments for monthly stipends, educational reimbursements, educational travel, etc.

Time, Attendance and Leave (TAL) Security Changes
    This form is used to add additional access to an already existing Supervisor or Payroll Coordinator in the TAL system.

Timeclocks Device ID and Locations
    List of all timeclock IDs and locations which can be used to determine where an employee clocked in.

Travel – In Case of Accident Pamphlet
    Pamphlet to be kept in personal vehicle when driving on business for the University.

Travel Mileage Log
    Log to track odometer readings for University travel.

Travel Pre-Approval Form
    Form to document written pre-approval for out-of-state travel. Written approval is required by OUHSC policy and should be kept in the department file.

Travel Reimbursement Checklist
    Checklist to assist in collection of required approvals, documents, and payment requests for travel reimbursements.

Turn Off "OK to Pay" Form
    This form is used by departments during a payroll cycle to turn off a payline.

University Contracted Travel Agencies
    List of travel agencies contracted for direct airfare booking with the University. Contact Purchasing for more information.

US Honorarium Checklist
    Checklist to assist in collection of required approvals, documents, and payment requests for honorarium payments to US individuals.

User Access Security Deletion Form
    This form is used to delete computer system and network access for an employees at OUHSC. This form will be used by IT Account Management to delete user access.

USPS Standard State, Street & Secondary Unit Abbreviations
    Used to set standard address verification in accordance with USPS standards to ensure mail delivery.

USPS Zip Code Lookup
    Used to find 9 digit zip codes and verify addresses for mail delivery.

Vendor - Company
    OUHSC W-9 vendor registration form used for domestic, US companies

Vendor - Foreign
    OUHSC W-8 vendor registration form used for foreign companies, and foreign and nonresident alien individuals

Vendor - Individual
    OUHSC W-9 vendor registration form used for US persons to include US citizens, permanent residents, and resident aliens

Vendor Abbreviations
    List of abbreviations used in the OU HSC master vendor file.

Voucher Checklist
    Checklist to assist in preparation of documents to submit non-encumbered invoices to Accounts Payable (AP) for payment.

Voucher/Claim Request Form
    To obtain copies of payments that cannot be located within any departmental means.

W4 Form
    W-4 changes can be made electronically or by paper form. The electronic option is the fastest. To change your W-4 settings electronically, go to the Human Capital PeopleSoft menu and enter your changes: Self Service >> Payroll and Compensation >> W-4 Tax Information
For a paper copy of the W-4, select the (URL) above. Complete the form, print it out, sign it manually and date it and return it to Payroll Services in Oklahoma City. Employees without a W-4 will be taxed at the highest single tax rate. Nonresident Aliens have only
one W-4 reporting option which is to select “single (box 3) and 1 exemption (box 5) and write “NRA to the left of box 6 on the W-4 form. Note: Nonresident Aliens must check with Payroll Services at (405-271-2055) before changing W-4 withholding allowances.

Wages Beneficiary Designation
    To designate a beneficiary for employee wages in the event of an
employee's death while an employee of OUHSC.