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Accounts Payable
Front Desk - 405.271.2410
Travel Section - 405.271.2038

Associate VP & CFO
Front Desk- 405.271.2376

Auxiliary/Service Unit AccountingFront Desk- 405.271.2246

Bursar's Office
Front Desk- 405.271.2433

Financial Reporting
Front Desk- 405.271.2355

General Accounting
Front Desk- 405.271.2355

Grants and Contracts
Front Desk- 405.271.2177

Payroll Services
Front Desk- 405.271.2055

Student Financial Aid
Front Desk- 405.271.2118

Budget Office
Front Desk- 405.271.2404

Access Card Requisition
    This form is to be used by HSC departments to request building access to HSC buildings for current continuous HSC employees. This form can be sent by campus mail to: Campus Police, CPD-102

Add Pay Earning Codes
    These codes are available for additional pay entry in the eForm Add Pay entry screens in PeopleSoft. This document explains the intended use of the codes.

Add Pay Overtime Calculation Example
    Example of how to complete the Add Pay Overtime Calculation form.

Add Pay Overtime Calculations
    Used to calculate additional overtime pay for hourly employees receiving a non-discretionary additional pay during a period in which they worked overtime.

Agency Sponsored Designated Lodging
    When OU HSC sponsors an event and needs to self-designate lodging within allowed policies, this form should be completed and submitted as instructed.

Air Travel Authorization Form
    This form replaces the multiple part form for Air Travel Authorization. This form assists with proper submission of an ATA and is used to pay airfare directly to University Contracted Travel Agents.

Airfare Approval for Non-Citizens Form
    Additional form required to be submitted prior to ATA booking for non-US citizens. Contact Service Unit Accounting for more information.

Airfare vs. Mileage Comparison Form
    Driving out of state in lieu of flying often requires a comparison of costs. This can be used to aid in comparison.

Application to Establish a Chartfield Attribute Value (ECAV)
    This form is used to establish a chartfield value.

Award Funding Report Directions
    The Award Funding Report allows you access to data by 6 categories for a date range that you specify.