Angular Cheilosis

Etiology: C. albicans, staphylococci, and streptococci> mixed infection; vitamin B Complex deficiency; riboflavin deficiency; and iron deficiency. Also occurs from a loss of vertical dimension, drooling or licking of the corner of the mouth, anemia, immunosuppression and extension of oral infection, or malabsorbtion states (Crohn's disease).


Description: This lesion affects the corner of the mouth. Of particular importance in-patients at risk of ETOH abuse. Commissures of mouth may appear wrinkled, red, fissured, cracked, or crusted.

                                Angular Cheilosis
Treatment Planning: Keep area dry. Recommend oral administration of B complex vitamins. Eliminate any underlying predisposing factors: treat denture-related stomatitis, correct vertical dimension of occlusion, and improve oral hygiene. Treat with topical antifungal agents. If bacterial etiology, then treat with antibiotics.
(Gandolfo, 2006)
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