Endodontics is a specialty in dentistry which deals with the diseases and treatments of the dental pulp or nerve tissue that is present in all living teeth.
Endodontists perform root canals or endodontic filling procedures following pulpectomies of the dental pulp. Partial pulpectomies that remove only the crown portion of the dental pulp are referred to as pulpotomies, common in pediatric dentistry. Another common condition known as a dental abscess may be treated by pulpectomy and endodontic filling. This is an alternative to removal of the tooth in many instances.
ORAL00000016.gif The Aging Dentition
ORAL00000289.gif Gutta-percha is a radiograph-opaque material. It is also heat condensed and cemented.

Upper Molar fillings usually involve 3 or more canals.
Gutta-percha filling point cemented in place to obliterate the nerve canal of this anterior tooth.

Crown has been placed to prevent fracture of the tooth structure following endodontic therapy ("root canal").
ORAL00000291.gif Apical seal prevents movement of oral fluids and bacterial into the surrounding bone.
Lower Molar fillings usually involve 3 or more canals.


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