Geographic Tongue

Also called "Benign Migratory Glossitis"
Etiology: Unknown
Description: Circular ovoid inflammatory areas that change locations on the tongue every few days. Appear as red, slightly depressed lesions with grayish yellow border. Patients may complain of mild burning sensation.
Grayish Yellow Border
Treatment Planning: Benign and self-limiting, no known treatment.  If there is a complaint of tenderness or a burning sensation, a topical corticosteroid such as fluocinonide can be applied to the lesions several times a day.
(Neville, 2009)
ORAL00000016.gif Glossitis or Stomatitis Occurs in the oral cavity as ulcers on the tongue or oral epithelium.  Drugs implicated in this condition include: Anticoagulants and Barbiturates.
ORAL00000016.gif Black Hairy Tongue
ORAL00000016.gif Common Oral Lesions