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Comparative Medicine

Applying for, Renewing, and Modifying Protocols

The OUHSC IACUC uses TOPAZ for New Protocol Submissions, Amendments and Annual Updates


Protocol Submission Deadlines


Classification System for all New Protocol Submissions


  • Class I - any protocol using USDA-regulated species requires at least two designated member review
  • Class II - any protocol using non-USDA-regulated species that involves a surgical procedure requires at least one designated member review
  • Class III - any protocol using non-USDA-regulated species that does not involve a surgical procedure requires at least one designated member review


Standard Protocols


  • Reviewed monthly.
  • Submission deadline is the first Friday of each month.
  • Median turnaround is about 30 days.


Eligibility: All protocols.


Rapid Review


  • Rolling submission.
  • Median turnaround is about 15 days.


Eligibility: Industry-sponsored research or JIT awards requiring a fast turnaround. Contact the IACUC Office for more information.


Amendment Review


  • Rolling submission.
  • Amendments for minor (i.e., personnel changes) and significant (i.e., procedural changes) types of amendments are handled separately.
  • Median turnaround for minor changes is 2 days. However, all IACUC and EHSO training requirements must be completed prior to approval.
  • Median turnaround for significant changes is 5 days.
  • Expedited amendment review may be available for extenuating circumstances. Contact the IACUC Office for more information.


Continuing Review


  • Occurs at the first and second anniversary of protocol approval.
  • Research teams are prompted via email for submission 90, 60, and 30 days before the protocol must be renewed.
  • Complete the Renewal Form on the TOPAZ Enterprize website.
  • Significant changes must be submitted for amendment review.


Three-year De Novo Review


  • Per US federal regulation, an IACUC protocol cannot remain active longer than three years.
  • Investigators must resubmit a new protocol to continue a project beyond three years.
  • Research teams are prompted via email that a protocol will soon expire 90, 60, and 30 days before the expiration date.
  • Approved protocols may be duplicated for resubmission, although they must receive a new assigned number from the IACUC.
  • De Novo reviews will follow the same classification system as all new protocol submissions. Contact the IACUC Office for more information.
  • If a replacement protocol has not been received and approved by the IACUC, the protocol will be administratively inactivated on the expiration date.
  • Once a protocol is expired, all protocol-related activities must cease, including breeding, and the principal investigator will be responsible for any per diem and animal care charges.

For assistance, please contact the IACUC Office, at 271-7381 for more information.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Biomedical Sciences Building - Room 101
(405) 271-7381

On Campus Mailing Address:
IACUC Office - BMSB 101

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