Live Animal Imaging CORE











To use the LAI Core equipment, users must be approved by the IACUC to work with animals on an approved protocol. Please ask your PI whether you are approved to work on his/her protocol BEFORE setting foot into the animal facilities. Be familiar with IACUC policies and techniques pertaining to your protocol.

Users must also be trained by Systems Managers and exhibit proficient use of equipment. Training and technical assistance is available and must be requested by email. Schedules are set up through GoogleCalendar and once trained, access is given by the Systems Manager.

New Users:

  1. You must be approved to work on an IACUC protocol. New users are added to protocols by the PI by amendment. Please speak with your PI to ensure that you have been added to their IACUC protocol.
  2. You must have card key/swipe access to the facility in which you are working. Access is only granted after you are approved on protocols. Contact Comparative Medicine staff (BMSB Core) or Mark Dittmar (DMEI Core) for access.
  3. Request a training session by emailing the Systems Manager.
  4. The Systems Manager will provide documents with information on all Procedures for each piece of equipment. Read and sign those documents to acquire access to each room.

Thank you and welcome to the LAI Core!