Healthy aging, healthy living.


DEEP provides comprehensive education on how to better manage diabetes. Through this interactive class, you will take control of your health by learning how to help control your diabetes with proper diet, exercise and medication. To register, call Sharon Elder, at 918-779-7367, or email her at You need to be registered in order to attend.

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Join us on Thursday, August 17 for the

Epworth Villa Healthy Living Fair

This is a great opportunity to learn about our community and obtain helpfil information to live a healthier life!

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Service to the community is one of the foundations on which INTEGRIS Health is built. The INTEGRIS mission is to improve the health of the people and communities we serve.


Research shows that Oklahomans are dying at a rate 22 percent higher than the national average. In order to address health related concerns, outreach programs offered by the INTEGRIS community wellness department include free clinics, health screenings, educational seminars and a wide range of other programs.


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For more than 75 years, millions of Americans with diabetes have relied on the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Their mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. ADA is the trusted global authority on diabetes as a powerful organization committed to leading the fight against diabetes and its deadly consequences. ADA is made up of thought leaders, researchers, advocates, health care professionals, people with diabetes, their family and friends—everyone committed to fighting diabetes—working together.

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Hospice Care is an intimidating thought for many. People associate it with the end of life and dealing with all of the pains that losing life brings. Guardian Hospice has a different approach to that mindset; Hospice is for the living. Lisa Wilson, co-owner of locally owned Guardian Hospice, describes her passion for healthcare as a calling. She has been in the healthcare field for 27 years and believes that hospice care requires the highest level of compassion in the healthcare field.  Hospice is holistic approach for the patient and their caregivers. 

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