Scholars Program

Note! This program is being phased out and replaced with the A.G.E. program (link here).

Please email if you seek information about the Scholars Program.

The following resources are provided for anyone still completing the program:


Just getting started?

OkGEC Scholars Agreement (pdf)

OkGEC Scholars Release Form (pdf)
OkGEC Participant Profile (pdf)
Orientation Pretest

Want to report and evaluate your completed activities?

Scholars Monthly Evaluation

Need a program description form for the in-service teaching component?
Program Description Form (pdf)

Want to view the online learning module?
Geriatric Interdisciplinary Team Training

Quick Links:

National GEC Clearinghouse


Discontinued program description:

The 12 month OkGEC Scholars Program involved 70 hours of multi-approach geriatric/gerontological training for health care providers and others in aging-related fields.

Scholars participated in 58 hours of core program components, including:

- Program Orientation

- Structured Interview

- Active Observation

- Teaching an In-Service

- Summer Geriatric Institute

- Grand Rounds / Tidbits

12 or more hours of education or research were completed on relevant topics of Scholar's choice.

The Scholars Program was largely self-directed, with many core and elective activities guided by the Scholar’s preferences.

Benefits included:

  • A solid, evidence-based educational experience
  • A certificate confirming your completion and standing as an Honor Scholar

  • A letter for your employer recognizing your accomplishment
  • Access to a network of professional health care providers across Oklahoma
  • A credential you can incorporate into your resumé or vitae