Scholars Program

Note! This program is phased out and replaced with the A.G.E. program (link here).

The following resources are provided for anyone still completing the program:


Just getting started?

OkGEC Scholars Agreement (pdf)

OkGEC Scholars Release Form (pdf)
OkGEC Participant Profile (pdf)
Orientation Pretest

Want to report and evaluate your completed activities?

Scholars Monthly Evaluation

Need a program description form for the in-service teaching component?
Program Description Form (pdf)

Want to view the online learning module?
Geriatric Interdisciplinary Team Training

Quick Links:

National GEC Clearinghouse


Discontinued program description:

The 12 month OkGEC Scholars Program involved 70 hours of multi-approach geriatric/gerontological training for health care providers and others in aging-related fields.

Scholars participated in 58 hours of core program components, including:

- Program Orientation

- Structured Interview

- Active Observation

- Teaching an In-Service

- Summer Geriatric Institute

- Grand Rounds / Tidbits

12 or more hours of education or research were completed on relevant topics of Scholar's choice.

The Scholars Program was largely self-directed, with many core and elective activities guided by the Scholar’s preferences.

Benefits included:

  • A solid, evidence-based educational experience
  • A certificate confirming your completion and standing as an Honor Scholar

  • A letter for your employer recognizing your accomplishment
  • Access to a network of professional health care providers across Oklahoma
  • A credential you can incorporate into your resumé or vitae