EXPLORING Geriatrics

(This program is no longer offered. Please contact thomas-teasdale@ouhsc.edu with questions.)

The Reynolds Dept of Geriatric Medicine and the Oklahoma Geriatric Education Center now offers a new program in Geriatrics and Gerontology for up to 10 pre-degree students recruited from eligible health care professions, including Medicine, Nursing, Social Work, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Sciences, and others (please ask!).  The program provides a solid multi-professional experience to motivated health professions students. 

The curriculum, clinical and field experiences, and projects will give students opportunities to learn about aging, new skills in working with aged patients and clients, and a chance to collaborate with other disciplines in order to become familiar with the diverse policies, programs, agencies, and disciplines of geriatric health care. Students will participate in a core didactic curriculum, lectures, and field activities. Activities include case-based learning, didactic sessions, self-learning, program evaluation exercises, interdisciplinary engagement, clinical shadowing, and involvement in on-going research projects, all under the tutelage of interdisciplinary faculty members. Each student will have a year to complete approximately 100 hours of experiences. 

Prior experience is not required.

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