Can I Get SNAP Benefits?

Your income and expenses are used to see if you are eligible for SNAP. Depending on your income and number of people in your household will determine how much assistance you will receive.

Number of People in Household
Gross Monthly Income*
Maximum Monthly Benefits*
  $1,245   $189
  $1,681   $347
  $2,116   $497
  $2,987   $632
  $2,987   $750
  $3,423   $900
  $3,858   $995
  $4,294   $1,137
Each additional person
  + $436   + $142

*Gross monthly income means the household's total income before deductions (taxes, social security payments, insurance payments, etc.) have been made. These income guidelines are effective from 10/01/2013-9/30/2014. Larger households can have more income. To see more informaiton on eligibility click here.

Oklahoma SNAP Application

Return your completed application to your local Department of Human Services, DHS Office.

Oklahoma DHS office Listing

The Truth About SNAP Benefits

MYTH I own my home, so I cannot receive SNAP benefits

TRUTH The home and land you own are not considered in deciding eligibility except for certain expenses that you have, such as mortgage and other expenses.

MYTH Because I am paid in cash, I cannot apply for SNAP benefits.

TRUTH If your employer will not provide proof of your income, your caseworker will use the best available information to decide your income.


MYTH I would have to sit in the DHS lobby all day to apply for SNAP benefits or to see my caseworker.

TRUTH You can schedule an appointment with your caseworker. Being on time helps keep things running smoothly. If you have been waiting for more than 15 minutes beyond your appointment time, let them know so they can better serve you. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you should reschedule. If you want to see your caseworker that day, they may be able to work you in, but will need to see scheduled appointments first.

You can visit the USDA's SNAP Benefit Calculator online to see if you might be eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.


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