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Oklahoma is among the hungriest states in the nation, especially for children. Food Security is family members having access at all times to enough food for a healthy lifestyle.The United States Department of Agriculture reports every year on food security in the United States. Visit the USDA website to learn more about Food Security in the United States.

ONIE project team members created Get the Most Out of Your Food Dollars, a pamphlet to help people with low incomes manage monthly funds to be able to obtain sufficient food resources. The publication is available for download in English and Spanish versions.


How to read a Nutrition Facts Label

Here is a guide we at ONIE provide to help you understand a Nutrition Facts Label. To download this as a PDF in English,

click here.   Para Espanol, haga clic aqui

Oklahoma Grown Produce Guide

Here is a produce guide we at ONIE provide to help you know what fruits and vegetables are in season, if you do not see a vegetable or fruit on the list, please e-mail, and we will find the information you request. To download this as a PDF click here.


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