How Do I Apply for SNAP benefits?

Applications for SNAP benefits are available at County DHS Offices, Social Security Offices, One Stop Centers, or you can download it here. To learn more about the application visit the OKDHSLive website. After you fill out the form, return it in person or by mail to the DHS office in your county. You will receive a letter with a list of the information you will need to bring along with your appointment time.

Steps for applying for SNAP Benefits
Benefits for SNAP and Child Care programs are placed electronically on the Oklahoma Access Card.

         1.  The Request for Benefits application form can be downloaded here, or can be found at your local DHS office.


         2.  To find the County DHS office nearest to you, go to

         3.  Mail, fax, or take your completed application to any DHS office.

         4.  A list of the necessary materials needed for an interview is listed in the Request for Benefits application.

                        • Proof of identity, such as driver license or school identification;
                        • Social Security number or card for everyone who wants benefits;
                        • Proof of citizenship for everyone who wants benefits;
                        • Proof of legal status for anyone who is not a U.S. citizen and wants benefits;
                        • Proof of income for everyone living with you, such as pay stubs or award letters;
                        • Proof of all resources, such as bank accounts, car titles, or land;

                        • You may be asked to give more information after your interview.

         5.  Initial and renewal applications can take up to 30 days to process.

         6.  Use this SNAP Calculator to see if you qualify.

To find out where your local office is, go to the Oklahoma DHS website and click on your county to find the address and phone number, or call the state office at 405-521-3646.

Have more questions about applying for SNAP? Take a look at the DHSLive FAQ sheet here.

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