Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Department
University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry

The mission of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Department is multifaceted. Education of students and service to the University and community is the foundation of our department.

1. The science and art of treatment planning is one of the most difficult skills we teach our students. In the department of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology students have a responsibility to develop treatment plans for comprehensive care patients with guidance from faculty of diverse academic backgrounds. Our primary objective is the education of both dental and dental hygiene students. Dental students are presented numerous learning opportunities in diagnosis and treatment planning as well as evaluation and treatment of dental emergencies. Dental hygiene students are presented opportunities to gather diagnostic data and assist dental students.

2. A secondary purpose of our clinic is to screen patients for acceptance into the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Patients are screened for acceptance into the undergraduate dental program. Patients are accepted on the basis of specific dental treatment needed.

3. To schedule an appointment with the Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Department, please call our appointment desk at (405) 271-6056 during the hours of 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. (Central Daylight Time), Monday through Friday.

Other responsibilities for the Oral Diagnosis and Clinic include supervision of emergency care for patients of record and patients from the community, supervision and examination of dental hygiene student patients, and monitoring of patient work-ups by all dental students. Oral Diagnosis faculty also monitor comprehensive completed treatment and recall examinations.

4. To provide a Biomedical Monitoring Service for dental offices.

University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry
Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Department
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Appointment Phone: (405) 271-6056
Academic Office: (405) 271-5988

Fax: (405) 271-3158

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