Master Treatment Plan Worksheet
INSTRUCTIONS, Please Follow Carefully

You MUST open the Master Treatment Plan Worksheet form with Adobe Reader. (If you open the PDF form in photo software rather than the Adobe Reader, you will not be able to input your information.) When you click on the link for the Worksheet form, it may download to your desktop and then you would need to open it with the Adobe Reader.

Fill in the patient name and tab over to the patient number. Fill in the patient number and tab over to the date field. Continue to fill in the necessary blocks to fill out the Master Treatment Plan Worksheet.

Click on the appropriate link below to see examples of the correct order for sequencing for departments.

MTP Type 1 Perio FPD
MTP Type 1 Perio
MTP Type 2 Perio Bridge
MTP Type 2 Perio

However, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, after you enter your last fee amount, you MUST tab out of the fee column for the last fee input on the form to be calculated at the bottom of the form.

When entering fees please DO NOT use the "$" sign. Use only the amount with two decimal places, such at 50.45, 25.00 or 33.27, for example. Fees may be obtained from fee lists in every clinic dispensary.

If you need to move data you input to another location on the form,each box of the line you want to move will have to be selected, cut (Control + X), select the appropriate box you want to move it to, and paste (Control-V). However, if any other data is in the field you are pasting to, you will lose it. Therefore, you will want to move your data to blank boxes.

Be sure to put your name at the bottom of the form in the Student Name field and your status (i.e. DS-1, DS-2, DS-3, DS-4).

When you have fully completed the Master Treatment Plan Worksheet form, please verify that all the fees were calculated at the bottom, then print the form. You can print by going to the top of the screen and select "File" and then "Print" or you can use the Command key + P to print.

Master Treatment Plan Worksheet

 Last Updated 08/26/09