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Dear Prospective Member:

The Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center is committed to reducing the burden of tobacco related health problems in Oklahoma by stimulating the generation and dissemination of knowledge and the implementation and diffusion of effective practices.

Our Goals:

  • To facilitate research that advances the prevention and treatment of tobacco related health problems.
  • To facilitate the dissemination and exchange of knowledge relevant to the reduction of tobacco use and tobacco related health problems.
  • To foster innovative and transdisciplinary research that addresses the multi-dimensional aspects of tobacco use, addictions, and treatment.

To illustrate how you may benefit from OTRC membership, we will briefly identify some of the principal functions that we fulfill:

1.   OTRC serves as a disseminator of information, passing along announcements of tobacco-related grant opportunities, major new research findings from within and outside Oklahoma.In addition, we encourage research that addresses the multi-dimensional aspects of tobacco use, addictions, and treatment in Oklahoma through direct OTRC funding opportunities...OTRC has set up listservs specific to such purposes so that members can see those they wish to and avoid email clutter with those they do not.

2.   OTRC hosts occasional presentations and seminars with prominent researchers and policy influentials from inside and outside Oklahoma.In addition to lectures open to the public, we also host small-group breakfast and luncheon seminars on timely and controversial tobacco and nicotine issues, open by invitation only to OTRC members.In addition to their inherent interest, these seminars help to foster the development of useful new collaborations among OTRC colleagues.

3.   OTRC has developed a website ( that identifies OTRC's tobacco and nicotine researchers and briefly describes their areas of interest (with links to their home pages, if they so desire).Specific studies and news events are featured, if and when members wish them to be publicized.Information about the website is distributed to other tobacco researchers and interested journalists and policy makers.

What we ask of you to be listed as a member of OTRC is simply your permission to include your name and the modest bit of information requested on the attached page (most of which we can fill in for you if you submit a recent CV with the form).The success of OTRC for us as individuals, and for our institutions, depends entirely on the OTRC's ability to span the wealth of tobacco and nicotine research resources in Oklahoma.Please click on the Membership Application form, fill it out and submit. If you prefer fill in the contact information Click the Membership box on the form and email Laura Delongy with your CV/Biosketch at or by fax at 405-271-2808.



Laura A. Beebe, PhD
Director, Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center
975 NE 10th Street, BRC West, Room 1474
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104
(405) 271-8001 Ext. 50484

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