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Post 1 - By: lisa perry - Post Date: 3/25/2015
6 weeks ago I was on rituxin, now my doctor has me on vinacristine I am to completet 6 of vinacristine if this does not bring my adamits13 up to a level the doctors are comfortable with the next step they want to remove my spleen..... should I let them operate........ now I feel like a freak because of all expermintataion.
Post 2 - By: Gaye Ayton - Post Date: 3/23/2015
I'm interested in long-term effects of TTP-HUS. I was treated for it in October, 2013. Also, interested in research regarding reducing its reoccurrence.
Post 3 - By: Beth Winningham - Post Date: 3/2/2015
Interested in long term effects of ITP
Post 4 - By: Lee Ann Rezai - Post Date: 3/2/2015
I'm 52, female. Diagnosed at age 16 with ITP. By age 18 had my spleen removed with no problems since Although 5 years ago diagnosis of vititigo. My 29 yr old daughter 7 months age was diagnosed with ITP. Id scheduled in a few days for her spleen removal. After reading some of the foods that may trigger low platelets I am wondering if being too healthy ( strong immune system ) could have something to do with any of these autoimmune disorders.
Post 5 - By: Ouch! - Post Date: 11/7/2014
I neglected to mention that I have known allergies, if that has anything to do with the thrombocytopenia. I'm allergic to typhoid vaccine (the old stuff from the 1970s produced from horse serum), INH (I had an extremely positive Mantoux Test many years ago - it was very large and persisted for weeks), Celebrex (my MD postulates that it's the sulfa molecule in the compound, though I took sulfa drugs as a child without problems), and two fall-blooming soil fungi whose names I do not recall. I have lactose intolerance, so utilize rice milk instead of cow's milk. My skin is also sensitive to a number of things, some of which I cannot recall. Nickle, many kinds of soaps, lanolin, and adhesives from tapes and Band-aids are the only ones that pop to mind.

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