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Post 141 - By: Em - Post Date: 1/13/2010
My fiance has had ITP for some time now. We were wondering if anyone might know of an insurance company that might cover him. As far as we can tell he is out of luck but maybe someone out there might know something we've missed.
Post 142 - By: Virginia Apker - Post Date: 1/11/2010
I was diagnosed with ITP in July of 2009. My Doctor does not seem to want to try any oral medications,and continues to talk only removal of the spleen. How do I contact the office of Dr. George for an appt for a second opinion?
Post 143 - By: Gwen Blankenship - Post Date: 1/7/2010
I look forward to Jan. 21st in Columbus, Ohio @ the Ohio State University. I emailed you in 2000 concerning my 1st TTP episode. You gave to me great in sight concerning my condition and this disease. I am now a patient of Doc. Sperio Cataland. Thank you for the work all of you do. I will see at the 2nd reunion. Gwen Blankenship
Post 144 - By: Cheryl - Post Date: 1/6/2010
My husband was diagnosed with TTP in Jan 08. He has the Adamst13 deficiency. He has psoriosis, diabetes, and a small blockage in his heart. He was treated with approximately 35 plasma exchanges from Jan-May 08. He has had three strokes since Oct. 08 with the most recent one in Nov. 09. Neither his hematologist or neurologist is sure of the cause of the strokes. We are still looking for answers and would like to communicate with others with this disease. Thanks for this site.
Post 145 - By: Tracy Hilburn - Post Date: 12/31/2009
one of our neighbors was recently diagnosed with this condition. I'm reading to find out more about it. Looks to be a pretty serious condition.

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