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Post 161 - By: gene courtright - Post Date: 9/20/2009
i am haveing teatments for low platelets and low wbc. i am on dacogen are their any other treatments available?
Post 162 - By: Bernadette - Post Date: 9/18/2009
The more information the better regarding platelets, back in 2003 I was beginning to feel different worried about my health. I usually get a physical yearly that year in 2004 docotors discovered I had high platelets. I remember the doctor I went to told me it was cancer I flipped out. He was not very caring. I went to another doctor and she explained it in a better manner and gave me a bonemarrow test. I do not have cancer but the high platelets are w/me for the rest of my life. I treat it daily and try to do the best I can to stay well. The more information about this the better. There are some questions I need answered by my doctors but its good to have this here to share with others.
Post 163 - By: sonia - Post Date: 9/15/2009
after removing the splin an beening almost 4 years ok,with my platelets on the 200, now I getting bruces and rash what did that means
Post 164 - By: Kimberly Badger-Campbell - Post Date: 9/11/2009
I just lost my Mother to TTP. She lived 3 years with it. I would love to have you find why this happens. I due believe that my Mother's was caused by a percription she was taking. My Mother was to young for this and I am always reading up on TTP.
Post 165 - By: Mila - Post Date: 9/4/2009
Hey I think this is a really good site for info on TTP. I am currently in my senior high school year and I need to write an essay on TTP for school. I was hoping that you could help me. Please contact me if you want to help me. I am looking for raw data on TTP that I could analyse. As a student I don't have any access to this and I hope this registry could help me. I am so interested in TTP, because my little sister died last year in October when she was four due to TTP. Its still a big shock to me that she's dead, and I was hoping this Essay will help me overcome my sorrow. So please, if you think it would be possible for me to get some raw data, please contact me. I really don't want to change my topic, and I would have to, if I can't get any data to analyse. Since this is just a high school essay, I will probably won't be writing any deep scientific observations nor publish anything. I just need to find some kind of correlation or so, so that I can put up a thesis. Thanks for your help. Best Greetings, Mila Baer

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