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Post 161 - By: Mary E. Goldsberry - Post Date: 10/28/2009
My name is Mary E. and i have never heard of this before until October 2005, it caused me to have a stroke, but GOD let me live the doctor said that i had a good chance of dying I had to get some plasma I dont know how to spell the term for it (plasmaphorrsis)at university of Louisville(Great Hospital)everyone was nice to me. I had never heard of that before i went to Louisville. They say it could come back every 10 years.I want to know COULD IT COME BACK EVERY 10 YEARS. AND SHOULD I WORRY ABOUT MY KIDS AND GRANDSON GETTING IT. i would like more information on this T.T.P. Is there a book that i can get that has all the information in it. I could write more but i better not. i do want to say I spent 2 months in the hospital over it. they said that my blood was dirty I dont remember the first few week in the hopsital. THANK YOU MARY E. GOLDSBERRY
Post 162 - By: DOROTHY SMITH - Post Date: 10/28/2009
I was diagosed about 4 years ago with ITP, after several bouts with low platelats and hospitalization, I have been in remission as long as i remain on steriods.
Post 163 - By: Stacy - Post Date: 10/22/2009
What is the difference between ITP and TTP? Layman’s terms please. My uncle has been diagnosed with TTP and is receiving donor plasma. His platelet count was 11,000 yesterday and 30,000 today after plasma exchange. Is this a positive increase? Does this suggest there could be complete recovery or is it to early to tell? We have been told there is damage to his kidneys, liver, and heart. Can all this damage be caused by TTP? Hospital doctors are very busy and unable to answer questions thoroughly. We had never even heard of TTP and now my uncle could die from it; healthy one day, dying the next. We are all very worried. Your web site has been the easiest to understand and very informative. We would appreciate it if you would answer the above mentioned questions. Thanks.
Post 164 - By: Rae Noah - Post Date: 10/14/2009
This is a wonderful website and I thank you for it. I need to know what would eat up my platelets and how can I increase them. Mine run fro 60000 to 90,000
Post 165 - By: Tracey - Post Date: 9/30/2009
My daughter passed away from Ttp on 8-29-09. She was diagnosed on 7-17-09. The dr on 7-12-09 said she had pre-eclampsia but she didnt get better after her emergency c-section. On the 4th day the dr transfered her b/c we requested it. She was in acute kidney failure an that dr said nothing was wrong with my daughter. He sat an watched her platelet count drop. Platelets were 100,000 b4 she had her baby and were 46,000 the next day. her cerationes were 1.1 b4 the baby and 1.8 the next day. He didnt want to transfer her. it took 2 more days after that 2 get him 2 transfer her. she barely had any platelets when we got her 2 the other hospital and her kidneys were a 5.5. I am going over all her hospital records an i need help understanding them. And she died less than 12 hours after a bone marrow biopsy. Can anyone help me understand some of the terms in her records? I would highly appreciate it. Thank you....

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