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Post 186 - By: Christina - Post Date: 6/17/2009
Dear Dr. George & Team and fellow readers, PLEASE look further into the ITP/H-pylori connection. I had a terrible case of ITP a few years ago (lowest was count of 1,000 platelets), tested positive for H-pylori, took the antibotics with IVIG and my counts went up AND STAYED UP. I was stuck in the hospital for 2 months -- which seemed like years. I have had normal platelets (225K) for 7 years now. My full story can be found at Please contact me with any questions at Put "ITP" in the subject line. Good luck & many platelets to you all!
Post 187 - By: ramon gomez - Post Date: 5/29/2009
my dougter got the ttp is now 11 days in the hospital with plasna exchange it was bery good the at first but now is not working they give chemotery once is any other trreatment for platelets disorders
Post 188 - By: tiffany hawkins - Post Date: 5/27/2009
my 17yr old niece passed away aug. 08 from complications w/ ttp. we didn't know until after she passed. the doctors just kept saying she had ITP and would be fine. we still don't know if it was inherited or drug-induced or HUS?? if anyone would like to talk more, i would luv to hear your stories. i am raising money for awareness and research(karley breaux ttp foundation). thanks. luv the site. very helpful!
Post 189 - By: Michele Heslop - Post Date: 5/20/2009
I live in atlanta ga, and my nine year old son was born with cogential thrombocytopenia.His platelets stay between 25 and 30 thousand. Do you have any info on Cogential Thrombocytopenia?
Post 190 - By: Joanna Cole - Post Date: 5/13/2009
Diagnosed with ITP 2/4/2009. Had 3 rounds of Dexamethazone, ivIG. Most recently had 4 weekly infusions of Rituxamab. Exhausted but appear to be in remission. Burlington, VT

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