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Post 36 - By: Theresa Melvin - Post Date: 2/11/2012
Got TTP 8/30/11 after hip replcement. Need other hip replaced. I hear that orthopedic surgery brings on TTP. What do you know about that?
Post 37 - By: Madhu - Post Date: 1/22/2012
Hello, I am 50 year old female from Houston, TX. I was diagnosed with TTP on February 3, 2011, hospitalized for couple weeks, underwent plasmaperesis treatment and was on Prednasone. I got a relapse during my remission on September 28, 2011 and was treated again with Prednasone and Plasmaperesis treatment. This time with an infusion of Rituximab was added. I still feel tired and I'm still on 2.5 mg of Prednasone. Are there any patients who have had TTP again even after the Rituximab treatment. Please advise me. I don't want to have anymore of this. Thanks, Madhu.
Post 38 - By: Margie Gelbach - Post Date: 1/7/2012
My nephew, Nichael McKee was diagnosed with TTP five years ago and suffered renal failure. He was never followed up with blood testing and has recently been under going very radical changes in his personality. Sometimes he is very angry and verbally abusive to others around him. he will mix7-up with pickle juice and put a candy cane in it. Totally off the wall. Is there a possibility there could be a connection to the TTP or is this something else alogether. We can not get any information from the University of Columbia, Columbia, Missouri. Any chance of getting an opinion from one of your physicians?mansmine
Post 39 - By: elizabeth grissom - Post Date: 12/28/2011
my daughter nikki is in doc georges study group ,,,nikki does well at times she is always in pain,,,stomache problems and major headaches,,,,she gets weak,,,and sometimes she rabbles and cant remember things,,,i know that this is part of her TTP,,,,she refuses to give in,,
Post 40 - By: elizabeth Schwartz - Post Date: 12/24/2011
As a person with del20q myelodysplastic syndrome, and platelet counts below 50K for a year now, I am obsessed with learning about platelets. Will you be including my platelet disorder in your studies in the ner future, also?

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